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High-Environmental Resistance Design

The following design policy promotes continuous operation to be possible even under severe conditions in the industrial field.
This helps that Industrial Computers can be applied to a wide range of uses in the industrial field where environmental conditions are severe.


  • ・An air filter, a standard component, covers the cooling air intake.
  • ・The high internal pressure prevents dust from entering the main unit.
  • ・The forced intake fan and exhaust fan maintain the high pressure inside the main unit.

Disk Module with Tray

Vibration and Shock

  • ・The chassis is designed for high resistance to vibration, using vibration-free rubber feet for HDD, for example.
  • ・Connectors with highly reliable contacts are utilized.
  • ・Whenever a new connector is applied to the product, it is evaluated by a high-level evaluation method in an in-house laboratory.
  • ・Disk option: Silicon disk (for FA2100S model 300/200)

Vibration-free Rubber Feeton Disk Tray


Example of Gaskets Installed in FA2100S

EMC Gaskets



  • ・High-level Toshiba design standard

    Electromagnetic Radiation Shield

    →Gap-free chassis design (e.g. gaskets in expansion bus slot window)

    Reduction of Electromagnetic Radiation Sources

    →Appropriate position of bypass capacitors and noise filters on printed circuit boards
    →Examination of component positions and signal patterns to control unnecessary electromagnetic
     radiation from printed circuit boards (resonance analysis)
  • ・Test standards and the EMC Test Center support the in-house development process with high-level evaluation technology.
  • ・Toshiba issues a declaration of conformity with "CE Marking" for Toshiba products. Toshiba products are also certified by "UL" and "CCC".

EMC Center

EMC Test Center and its Anechoic Chamber