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Large-size series [type1/type2]


Controller List
Item For electric control (type 1) For instrumentation (type 2)
Program capacity 256 K steps 512 K steps
Local variable/global variable 256 K words 256 K words
I/O variable 16 K words 16 K words
Tag - Standard input/output
(process alarm management)
Toshiba HMI/OIS-DS interface
Task Periodical task Ultra high speed: 0.5 to 500 ms
High speed: 0.5 to 500 ms
RIO: 0.5 to 500 ms
Main: 0.5 to 1,000 ms
High speed: 10 to 500 ms
Main: 100 to 10,000 ms
Event task Event: 8 or I/O interruption: 16: Selective Event: 8 I/O interruption: 16
Task switching time 60 μs or less
Processing performance
Contact: 20 ns
Transfer: 20 ns,Addition/subtraction: 20 ns
Floating point
Addition: 120 ns, Multiplication: 120 ns
Programming Language Four languages conformed with IEC 61131-3 standard
LD (Ladder Diagram)
FBD (Function Block Diagram)
SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
ST (Structured Text)

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Supervisory Control Network

Supervisory Control Network / 1 Gbps Ethernet List
Item Specifications
Topology Star wiring
Ethernet frame DIX type
No. of nodes 254 maximum/system (single transmission line)
No. of repeater hubs 10BASE-T: 4 maximum (serial connection)
10BASE-TX: 2 maximum (serial connection)
1000BASE-T: 1 maximum
No. of LAN switches No limits on the number of connecting switches
No. of Ethernet modules to be installed 4 transmission modules maximum
Inter-Controller Network / Real-Time Ethernet TC-net 100 List
Item Specifications
Hub-to-station distance 2 km
Cable Multi-mode optical fiber
Configuration Single transmission line/dual transmission line
Topology Star wiring
Transmission mode Scan transmission:
  • High-speed cycle: 1 ms to 160 ms
  • Medium-speed cycle: 10 ms to 1,000 ms
  • Low-speed cycle: 100 ms to 10,000 ms
Message transmission:
Scan transmission capacity 128 KW/system
2,048 blocks/system (64 W/block)
Transmission capacity/node
  • High-speed: 64 blocks
  • Medium-speed: 128 blocks
  • Low-speed: 384 blocks
Status change detection Number of status change detecting words: 128 KW
Change detecting cycle:
Number of detecting words x 30 μs
Detecting signal intervals: 50 ms or more
No. of connecting nodes 254 maximum/system

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High-Speed Serial I/O System / TC-net I/O

High-Speed Serial I/O System / TC-net I/O List
Item Electrical Optical
Topology Duplex loop (transmission, reception)
Duplex loop (transmission, reception) 100 Mbps
I/O interface 32 nodes/loop
I/O module 16 modules/node
Transmission cable Category 5 twisted-pair cable with shield Optical fiber cable GI 50/125
Maximum cable length 10 m 2 km
Overall cable length 100 m maximum 4 km maximum
Scan cycle High-speed scan: 100 μs or more
Medium-speed scan: 1 ms or more
Redundancy Detour control in case of transmission line disconnections
Duplex configuration of duplex loops available
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