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Information System

Attractive railway systems for the 21st century realized through traffic information systems. Toshiba combines information communication technologies (ICT) and technologies unique to railways, and offers advanced systems.
As information systems for railways, we handle a wide range of train control and information systems such as Train Traffic Control Systems, Signalling System, Facilities SCADA, Transportation Planning Systems, and Rolling Stock Management Systems.
We intend to offer these integrated systems in order to improve transportation capacity and the efficiency of railway operation.

Train Traffic Control System

Train Traffic Control System Click on the image to enlarge

Toshiba offers a Train Traffic Control System adopting ICT, which contributes stability and accuracy in train traffic operation.
An operation control system obtains a grasp of the train numbers of trains on tracks and also the locations of the trains on the tracks, according to the train timetable for the day concerned, and based on this information performs automatic route control of each train.
This system has an automatic recovery function and also a function which enables the traffic controller to carry out manual operation in order to restore normal operation of a train in the case where the train running condition fails to match the train timetable in the event of a traffic disorder, for example.

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Signalling System

Signalling System Click on the image to enlarge

We offer standard products such as Electronic Interlocking Unit, and in addition we manufacture individually catered products to match the needs of customers. We are striving to offer products designed with particular emphasis on safety, aiming at realizing fail-safe technology, which constitutes the heart of the system, from both the hardware and software.

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Facilities SCADA

Facilities SCADA Click on the image to enlarge

Railways have a tendency to employ an increasing number of facilities in order to meet the continually changing social environment and passenger needs.
Supervision and operation of these facilities is performed by Facilities SCADA.

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Transportation Planning System

Transportation Planning System Click on the image to enlarge

Timetables, and also operating plans for rolling stock and crew are planned on the basis of a policy and a demand.
We offer various Transportation planning systems which support this planning work both appropriately and efficiently.

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Rolling Stock Management System

Rolling stock works at a depot are to maintenance for running safely and trustingly.
We provide rear support for overall operations at the depot, and offer integrated management systems.

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