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System Integration

At present, railways are gathering much attention, particularly from the viewpoint of environmental protection, within the flow of the world-wide modal shift.
As a smart integrator, Toshiba brings together energy conservation, various environmentally friendly technologies, and also railway safety, and offers comprehensive railway systems.

Full-Turnkey Project Management

Full Turn Key Solution demands not only technical expertise but also high project management ability.
Toshiba can offer appropriate total railway systems which include operation and maintenance aspect, and also offers cost- and time-effective systems by means of superior project management, based on its wide-ranging technical background.

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Train Energy Management

Toshiba provides an energy efficient railway system which is environmentally friendly and realizes low-cost transportation in various transportation demands.

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Energy Storage Applications System

SCiB™ in railway rolling stock can save energy and enhance transportation stability by realizing evacuation operation in an emergency.

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