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Social Contribution Activities

Ashita Award for CSR Excellence

Public-minded Group company projects around the world are evaluated by the Corporate Citizenship Committee from nine perspectives, including the objective, extent of employee involvement, project originality, continuity, social impact, and collaboration with external organizations.
Outstanding corporate citizenship is recognized by the president with a Toshiba Ashita ("tomorrow") Award at the annual CSR Conference in December.
This annual award ceremony also affords an opportunity for award-winning Group sites and companies to exchange information and discuss how to encourage more effective social contributions.

An effort is made to commend those activities that are more competitive by selecting them from each of five areas. These cover the topics of education, nature conservation, health and medical care, and social welfare, as well as private individuals. Special excellence awards were given this year to activities that produced conspicuous results in support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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