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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Internship, Factory Tours and Hands-on Experiences

Factory Tours and Hands-on ExperiencesAt the request of local communities, Toshiba product operations throughout the world offer facility tours , on-the-job training programs and internship programs running for periods of several weeks.

Summer Internships (Toshiba)

Toshiba Corporation accepts more than 100 students per year by the posting system from Universities, Graduate Schools, Technical High Schools in Japan for work experience at some R&D centers and some product operations.

Furthermore Toshiba Corporation also accepts the students from Universities and Graduate Schools abroad.

Photo: Summer Internships

Tours of home electronics recycling facilities (Term Corporation)

At the Irifune office, we accept a variety of visitors, including students and municipalities. We introduce them to the state of recycling computers and home electronics, as well as strive to spread awareness of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Starting from 2010, students engage in a 2-week research study with the cooperation of the Kanagawa Prefecture Environmental Internship office.

Photo: Tours of home electronics recycling facilities

Try-yaru Week (Nishishiba Electric Co., LTD.)

Since 1998, we have been allowing students from Aboshi Junior High School and Mitsu junior high school to come in for a week and experience light work in our "Try-yaru Week" -- a community experiential learning program targeting second year students in middle school in Hyogo Prefecture.

Photo:Try-yaru Week (Nishishiba Electric Co., LTD.)

Workplace tours for elementary schools students / Workplace experience for junior high school students (Inan Electric)

The year 2000 marked 30 years that Inan Electric Co. had been receiving students of local elementary schools in Uwajima on social studies field trips. In the same year, the company commenced a workplace experience program for junior high school students, offering the students experiences including manufacturing small electric globes.

Photo: Workplace tours for elementary schools students / Workplace experience for junior high school students

High school internships (TOSEI)

Since 2003, Toshiba has been accepting second year students from Izu Sogo high school to come in for work experience. The students experience assembly work and production line work at our manufacturing center for 2 days.

Workplace Experience and Workplace Field Trips (Toshiba Yokohama Complex)

Toshiba provides workplace experience for second year students from junior high schools in Yokohama City. They tried working as security guards and safety patrols and visited our environmental facilities. They also got to work in the advertising department where they produced news about their workplace experiences.
In response to requests from schools and local areas, every year we allow about 1000 people to take a field trip to our office. We had the participants broaden their understanding in regards to the work we do and environmental protection activities at the Yokohama Complex. They also had field trips focused on the public acceptance (PA) of atomic energy corner and biotope (lagoon).

Internships for graduate school and technical college students (Kyushu Toshiba Engineering)

Kyushu Toshiba Engineering offers students 10-day internships. The students are appointed tutors for one-on-one instruction, and gain experience including assisting in the formulation of specifications for actual products and the development of computer programs. On the final day, the interns offer presentations at a special event.

Workplace experience for local junior high and high school students (Kawamata Seiki)

Since 2002, we have been accepting students from Kawamata junior high school to try working for 3 days. The program seeks to help students gain an understanding of work through experience of procedures ranging from manufacture to assembly, enabling them to choose a desirable career path. The students learn about the importance of work and of gratitude to their parents

Photo:Workplace experience for local junior high and high school students

Internships / Plant tours (Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation)

Every year, we accept about 20 students from Asahikawa City junior high and high schools to learn firsthand about our workplace. College and vocational students in Hokkaido come for 100-day internships, and about 200 people from elementary schools in Asahikawa City for factory field trips.

Photo: Internships / Plant tours

Facility tours for students from elementary to high school level (Toshiba TEC Corporation)

We receives requests for factory field trips from elementary and middle school students in the region and high school students on school trips. Our offices in Osaki, Ohito, and Mishima have been conducting field trips since 2007. The students expand their knowledge of Toshiba TEC while experiencing hands-on learning through company explanations, showroom visits, and by operating our products.

Photo: Facility tours for students from elementary to high school level

Study of local businesses (Buzen Toshiba Electronics Corporation)

At our Nogata office, we welcome students from Shinnyu Elementary School when they ask to tour our factories as a way to learn about local businesses and manufacturing. It is difficult to explain to elementary school students when they ask us what our products are.

Photo: Study of local businesses

Plant tours for students (Toshiba Social Automation Systems)

At the Akita office, we accept requests from schools for workplace fieldtrips and welcome students a number of times a year.

Workplace Field Trips by Local Elementary School Students (Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation)

Ever since being invited to an environment exhibit held in 2002, we have been allowing students from the local Otawara City public elementary schools to tour our offices.

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