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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Nurturing future generations

Inspiring the next generation through education

We believe that for sustainable development, it is essential to expand the potential for children to receive satisfactory education.
As a pioneer in technology, we globally regard science-technology education as the most important issue and are putting into action various programs.

  • Banner:Toshiba Science MuseumToshiba Science Museum

    In 1961, Toshiba established the "Toshiba Science Museum", one of the first of such corporate establishments. It has been popular for many years as a cultural facility that contributes to the region based on the idea of "connecting people and science". It was renovated in 2014, and through various exhibitions and events, it conveys the joy of science to children.

  • Banner:Hands-on Science Learning OpportunitiesHands-on Science Learning Opportunities

    Encouraging an interest in science and honing analytical thinking through hands-on learning experiences are goals of our partnership with the nonprofit Real Science Education Institute, with whom Toshiba trains educators and develops and promotes engaging curricula.

  • Banner:ScholarshipsScholarships

    Toshiba awards scholarships to university students around the world to help support development of a new generation.

  • Banner:Electronics Disassembly WorkshopsElectronics Disassembly Workshops

    Children in elementary and middle school learn about the parts and technologies in familiar home appliances and electronics from Toshiba employees who volunteer as instructors at disassembly workshops. Students also learn about recycling.

  • Banner:Science Exchange Program Targeting Japanese and American High School StudentsScience Exchange Program Targeting Japanese and American High School Students

    With the cooperation of the Toshiba International Foundation, we host "TOMODACHI Toshiba Science & Technology Leadership Academy", a special program for summer vacation with the purpose of scientific exchange between Japan and America.

  • Banner:Science Technology Competition (North America)Science Technology Competition (North America)

    The ExploraVision Awards (EVA), sponsored in cooperation with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), is a science and engineering contest for children to use current technology as a base to predict technology that will become possible 20 years in the future.

  • Banner:Teaching Competition (China)Teaching Competition (China)

    Since 2008, cultivating future leaders in science and technology has been the goal of a Toshiba-sponsored teaching competition held jointly with educators in China that targets aspiring science teachers enrolled at Chinese universities.

  • Banner:Science Learning OpportunitiesScience Learning Opportunities

    At the request of schools in Japan and overseas, Toshiba holds workshops focused on scientific experiments, which draw on our own brand of ingenuity. Children discover the wonders of science at these events, whether held at Toshiba worksites, in classrooms, or in public settings.

  • Banner:Internship, Factory Tours and Hands-on ExperiencesInternship, Factory Tours and Hands-on Experiences

    Toshiba factories are receptive to local requests for tours, and some even accept internships of a few weeks.

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