Science Learning Opportunities

Seeking to create a greater breadth of opportunity for children to make contact with science, Toshiba Group employees hold experience-based classes dealing with aspects of Toshiba's business activities at their company failities, or at venues such as schools and regional public facilities, in response to requests from regional areas in Japan and overseas.

Akari Class (Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation)

In collaboration with NPOs and other organizations, Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation conducts classes in which participating children are able to make things using LEDs, the company's main product, in the communities surrounding its Yokosuka Head Office, its Kanuma Operations, and its Imabari Office. Company employees act as teachers, guiding participants in making LED lights. In addition, when local elementary schools conduct company visits, employees explain the difference in power consumption between LED and incandescent globes, offering students an opportunity to think about global warming.

Photo: Akari Class

Motor Classes (Kawamata Seiki)

Since 2006, young Kawamata Seiki designers have acted as instructors at the Kawamata Children's Science Museum managed by Kawamata City, teaching groups of 30 to 50 local elementary school children about the mechanisms by which electricity is generated and helping them to build motors, the company's chief product.

Photo: Motor Classes

Science and Engineering Classrooms for Female Students (Westinghouse Electric Company)

We are enhancing activities that foster female students in science and technology, with a focus on employees belonging to "Women Working in Nuclear Power" (Women in Nuclear). We hold a monthly science class targeting local girls who are in the fifth year of elementary school. We also hold a class on assembling electric circuits for girl scouts. In addition to these, middle school girls proactively participate in events for considering science and technology career paths and talk with female college students majoring in science and technology. We generate success as more students attending the lectures go on to enter the science and technology field in higher education.

Photo:Science and Engineering Classrooms for Female  Students (Westinghouse Electric Company)

New Energy Classes (Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation)

Through field trips at middle schools and the inventors' clubs at the Toshiba Science Museum, we are getting students to deepen their understanding of fuel cells, a new form of energy. We have them use handicraft kits to experience generating power, introduce them to household fuel cell systems (ENE FARM), and lecture them on the environmental influences and principles of fuel cells.

Environment Classes—Kids' ISO (Toshiba TEC Solution Services Corporation)

Since 2004, employees have acted as instructors for Kids' ISO, a program that promotes energy conservation in the home, offering evaluation and instruction at elementary schools and holding visiting classes on the environment. Children from various household environments keep in mind the specific instructions that allow them to be able to take the initiative to work and lead their families.

Photo: Environment Classes—Kids' ISO

Environment Classes - Local Elementary Schools (Toshiba Yokkaichi Operations)

Toshiba holds a series of classes about the environment at 3 elementary schools in the vicinity of the factory. We strive to bring about awareness regarding the children's environment by carrying out informational activities, such as those to decrease household energy consumption and the amount of garbage produced, with the children as the leaders of their households.

Photo: Environment Classes - Local Elementary Schools

Classes at a Special Education School (Toshiba TEC Solution Services Corporation)

Since 2009, We offer hands-on classes throughout the year by going to special education schools for children with intellectual development disabilities. For students who have little experiences with society on a daily basis, we provide a variety of learning opportunities, such as experiencing "criminal forensics" using the science around them, utilizing Toshiba TEC businesses to train on cash registers, and participating in activities in which they observe nature.

Photo: Classes at a Special Education School

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