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Social Contribution Activities

Science Learning Opportunities

Seeking to create a greater breadth of opportunity for children to make contact with science, Toshiba Group employees hold experience-based classes dealing with aspects of Toshiba's business activities at their company facilities, or at venues such as schools and regional public facilities, in response to requests from regional areas in Japan and overseas.

Akari Class (Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation)

photo of Akari Class (Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation)

In collaboration with NPOs and other organizations, Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation conducts classes in which participating children are able to make things using LEDs, the company's main product, in the communities surrounding its Yokosuka Head Office, its Kanuma Operations, and its Imabari Office. Company employees act as teachers, guiding participants in making LED lights. In addition, when local elementary schools conduct company visits, employees explain the difference in power consumption between LED and incandescent globes, offering students an opportunity to think about global warming.

Motor Classes (Kawamata Seiki)

photo of Motor Classes (Kawamata Seiki)

Since 2006, young Kawamata Seiki designers have acted as instructors at the Kawamata Children's Science Museum managed by Kawamata City, teaching groups of 30 to 50 local elementary school children about the mechanisms by which electricity is generated and helping them to build motors, the company's chief product.

Engineering Classes (Westinghouse Electric Company)

photo of Engineering Classes (Westinghouse Electric Company)

Westinghouse Electric has been holding workshops to enable high school students in Pennsylvania to learn about engineering. In 2010, in response to a request from a junior high school, lectures and practical instruction were also offered to junior high school students. Every year since 2007, the company has also held events to promote interest in engineering among female high school students. Many of the students who have received instruction have gone on to study engineering.

New Energy Classes (Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation)

Employees provide lectures on fuel cells, a new low-CO2 energy source, explaining their basic principles and their effect on the environment, and introduce Toshiba's domestic fuel cell system (Ene-Farm), at environment-related exhibitions and schools.

Environment Classes—Kids' ISO (Toshiba TEC Solution Services Corporation)

photo of the Environment Classes—Kids' ISO (Toshiba TEC Engineering)

Since 2004, employees have acted as instructors for Kids' ISO, a program that promotes energy conservation in the home, offering evaluation and instruction at elementary schools and holding visiting classes on the environment. In 2008, Toshiba employees were dispatched to Kuwait as specialist instructors.
In 2009, Toshiba also supported Kids' ISO for School, which engages in activities seeking to improve the environment within the grounds of elementary schools and the regions in which they are located.

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Environment Classes - Kids' ISO (Toshiba Yokkaichi Operations)

photo of Environment Classes - Kids' ISO (Toshiba Yokkaichi Operations)

Toshiba Yokkaichi Operations collaborates in Kids' ISO, an environmental education program conducted by Mie Prefecture. In 2005, employees of the company qualified as instructors, and began to offer easy to understand environmental education in local elementary schools.
In addition, the company conducts visiting classes at junior high schools in collaboration with the Yokkaichi Board of Education. Seeking to spark interest in the process of creation of technologies in an attempt to stop children from drifting away from science, the classes focus on subjects including the mechanisms of semiconductor products and their method of manufacture.

Environment Classes - Local Elementary Schools (Toshiba Oita Operations)

photo of Environment Classes - Local Elementary Schools (Toshiba Oita Operations)

Under the slogan "Living together with nature in Oita," Toshiba Oita Operations offers classes for local elementary school students that discuss our effect on the environment and global warming, and allow the children to participate in practical and enjoyable experiments in power generation, wastewater treatment and the like. Students are also invited to visit the environmental facilities at the plant, and employees conduct school visits.

Design Classes (Toshiba Design Center)

photo of Design Classes (Toshiba Design Center)

To convey the joy of creation to children, the Toshiba Design Center conducts design classes every year. Taking the children through a process mimicking actual design procedures, the designers create moving animations of the completed designs on computers and publish them on the Center website to enable them to be enjoyed by the children's families.

Classes at a Special Education School (Toshiba TEC Solution Services Corporation)

photo of the Classes at a Special Education School (Toshiba TEC Engineering)

From 2009, Toshiba TEC Solution Services conducted visiting classes at special education schools for intellectually disabled children.
Such children get few opportunities to interact socially day to day, but we offer them various learning opportunities, such as "chemistry crime-fighting lab" that gives experience in everyday science and a "hands-on cash register experience" that ties in with Toshiba's business.