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Nature-observation Events: Explore the Forest Expedition

Hiroshi Sasaki, a pro naturalist who is active in television, is a qualified lecturer as a Toshiba Group Nature Conservation Educator who periodically holds Explore the Forest Expeditions throughout the country and supports the operation of these nature-appreciation events. We invite parents and elementary school children who live near related companies and major offices of the Toshiba Group and teach them the importance and excitement of nature. Every year, about 500 parents, children, and volunteer employees participate. We receive remarks from the participating parents and children, such as, "Everyone's kindness and limitless knowledge has shown me how to love nature," and "I definitely want to participate again next time".

Photo:Nature-appreciation Events

Cultivating Nature Conservation Educators

In the Toshiba Group, we promote the cultivation of Nature Conservation Educators* who act as volunteers who protect nature in the region and as leaders who head the tree planting campaign that is held by the Toshiba Group in all parts of the country. From 2005 to March 2015, a total of 230 people have become Nature Conservation Educators. We also hold training on selected topics to teach the Nature Conservation Educators new nature-appreciation skills.

*Receiving certificates from the Nature Conservation Society of Japan to be qualified as volunteer leaders to protect nature in the region

Photo:Cultivating Nature Conservation Educators

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