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Social Contribution Activities

Environmental Action - Environmentally conscious, and committed to sustainability

Planting 1.5 Million Trees: Toward Sustainability

In anticipation of commemorating Toshiba's 150th anniversary in 2025, efforts are underway to plant 1.5 million trees-an example of our commitment to curb climate change, promote biodiversity, and take other environmental action.

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photo of Planting 1.5 Million Trees: Toward Sustainability

Forest Development

14 countries and 12 Japanese prefectures now benefit from this planting initiative, led by main centers of business for the Toshiba Group and affiliates. Planting is supplemented by thinning, pruning, clearing, and forest road work, in line with local needs, as part of broad-based support. Regular events are held with employee volunteers, not only to raise environmental awareness on-site but also to provide valuable, extraordinary opportunities to appreciate nature.

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photo of Forest Development

Worldwide Environmental Communication (Toshiba Environmental Management site)

We value transparency and dialogue in sharing information about Toshiba Group environmental initiatives. As we maintain this dialogue to ensure stakeholder understanding, we will continue to work for a better environment worldwide.

Environment Management site