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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Environmental Action

Contributing to the Future of a Sustainable Earth

Planting 1.5 Million Trees

At the Toshiba Group, we strive to be a leading eco company. While solving various problems, we have established "Environment Vision 2050", in which all people can lead rich lives in harmony with the earth. Even in the field of social contribution, each and every employee shares the same global ideas. Using easy-to-understand concepts as tools that allow all members to participate in activities with a sense of solidarity, we are developing the Toshiba Group's 1.5 million tree planting project globally.
We contribute to the restoration and the preservation of regional safety and the rich blessing of having forests by developing the 1.5 million tree planting project adapted to the needs of the region, such as tree planting, thinning, and weeding.

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    By sponsoring events where employees who took part in tree planting can participate in nature-appreciation events where families that participate are taught by Nature Conservation Educators*, we are encouraging people to develop a deep love of nature and hope to deliver a rich natural environment to the children who will be caring for the world in the future.

    *Certifications of The Nature Conservation Society of Japan to be qualified as volunteer leaders to protect nature in the region

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    At Toshiba Group companies all over the world, we are developing environmental activities targeting the specific needs of each region.

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