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Social Contribution Activities

Planting 1.5 Million Trees: Toward Sustainability

Toshiba Stance on Forest Conservation

It's worth knowing that the forests covering 10% of the earth's surface not only curb climate change by absorbing CO2 emissions but also support biodiverse ecosystems, help prevent floods and landslides, provide sources of food, water, and wood, and enrich our lives in many other ways.

Toshiba Group environmental management has been focused on business operations, in line with our environmental vision. Meanwhile, in conservation that demonstrates good corporate citizenship, the group is also undertaking an ambitious project to plant 1.5 million trees.

Around the world, forests face many threats. It is said that every minute, an area of forest the size of three stadiums is lost, which may enlarge deserts, destroy water sources and ecosystems, and accelerate climate change.

In Japan, although loss of forest coverage has been minimal over the past 50 years, 70% of public forests are no longer tended to, whether due to forestry worker retirement or other factors. This deterioration of forests represents losses of both nature's bounty and the protection that healthy forests offer nearby communities. Rare species face extinction, and towns face increased risks of landslides, floods, and similar problems.

Taking a stand for conservation to reverse these trends and restore nature's bounty and social safety, the Toshiba Group supplements planting with thinning, pruning, clearing, and other work, in line with local needs. But forest conservation is only part of our commitment—related efforts are focused on people. Whether employees decide to receive nature guide training* or simply enjoy nature at learning experiences, or when families take part in our outdoor educational events, Toshiba Group activities enhance people's appreciation of nature and encourage the younger generations who will care for the environment tomorrow to enjoy it today.

(*)To be certified by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan as leaders in voluntary local conservation

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