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Toshiba Group Confirms it will Add to Donations to Provide Aid to China Earthquake Relief Effort

12 June, 2008

Toshiba Group today announced that it will make an additional donation to relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Sichuan province and Central China, in the form of cash and goods equivalent to 80 million yen.

Twenty million yen will be donated to the China Development Donation Committee to support the "Earthquake Relief Hope School" project, while Group company donations of money and goods, including flashlights, batteries and products such as LCD TVs, with a value of 60 million yen, will be donated to the continuing relief efforts.

Toshiba Group has already decided to donate 20 million yen to Japanese Red Cross and other aid organizations, and its total donations will add up to 100 million yen.
We sincerely hope for the earliest possible recovery from this disaster.