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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Foundation Activities

The three regional Toshiba foundations take a dynamic approach to supporting culture and education.

Toshiba International Foundation

The Toshiba International Foundation was established in 1989 to promote international exchange and a better understanding of Japan and offers global support for symposia, seminars, culture and arts activities, Japanese studies and human resources development.

In 2015, we supported 70 projects providing support. In addition, we implemented 9 programs that focused on the area of human resources development through TIFO initiated activities.

Primary Activities in 2015

1.Grant Activities

(1)Toshiba Lecture on Art and Science in Japan (Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, UK)

We supported the continuation lecture which focused on the relation between art and science which started in 2014. The lecture in 2015 was placed on the theme of the robot which is also an evolved type of the soul of craftsmanship and design nature, Professor Shunji Yamanaka, Institute for Industrial of Science, The University of Tokyo and Director Takayuki Furuta, Institute Future Robotics Technology Center, Chiba Institute of Technology were invited as lecturers, and a total of 2 lectures were held.

Photo:Toshiba Lecture on Art and Science in Japan

(2)The workshop of Japanese musical instruments and computer music (Columbia University, Computer Music Center, the U.S.)

We supported the workshop which explores the new possibility of Japanese musical instrument performance form Japan by collaboration of the technology of the new music field which is called sound art, and a traditional Japanese musical instrument was performed.

In this workshop, the new way of thinking of reproducing the “Koto” by a tablet PC, and reproducing the “Hichiriki’ by a smart phone was produced.

Photo:The workshop of Japanese musical instruments and computer music

(3)The Japanese-language-education seminar for a local Japanese teacher (Old Japanese Students' Association, Thailand)

While having recognized the history and the present condition of Japanese language education of Thailand, we considered what you can do or what you should do about the problem which each organization has, and performed the support to the seminar which aims at the improvement of Japanese language education.

Photo:The Japanese-language-education seminar for a local Japanese teacher

2.Initiated Activities

(1) The summer school in the Japan research center of University of East Anglia

The students who are interested in Japan and Japanese research are invited to the University of East Anglia in Norwich. And the summer school for about 2 weeks which introduces Japanese research by the method which the university developed uniquely is supported by us since 2014.

For 3 years from 2014 we took in Japanese language study for the student of V4 countries (4 countries in East Europe).

Since the curriculum was very substantial, we were reported by some students that there was a comment that the degree of fullness of the period in a summer school was higher than that of 2 years in their own country.

Photo:The summer school in the Japan research center of University of East Anglia

(2) Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.2

The international exchange program "Toshiba Youth Club Asia" (TYCA) for Japan and the high school student of ten nations of ASEAN was started from 2014 by cosponsorship of Toshiba International Foundation and Toshiba Thai Foundation.

TYCA aims at offering an opportunity to consider both views of future Asia while the high school students of Japan and ASEAN meet together in Japan and it raises the concern of the student of ASEAN countries about Japan.

In 2015, the program was held from December 19 to 26. 2 high school students and 1 adviser participated each from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. And 9 teachers or advisers and 17 high school student from Japan participated to the program.

It carries out a theme, TYCA Asian Vision 2035, through various programs, such as discussion with the graduate students in the workshop about the lecture by a specialist, and environment, and the University of Tokyo’s Graduate Schools for Law and Politics and Graduate School of Economics, Toshiba Science Museum, and visit to Meiji Jingu, it argued about the view of Asia of 20 years after, and performed the result report on the final day.

Photo:Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.2

Toshiba America Foundation

The primary activity of the Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) is to provide funding for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects that are innovative and practical. These projects were designed by outstanding teachers to improve instruction in K-12 classrooms throughout the United States. The Foundation considers teachers to be the best qualified people to help students achieve success and become innovators for the next generation. In FY2016, schools in the United States used our grants for studies in numerous topics relating to robot technology, hydroponics, meteorology, water quality, and renewable energy. Since the TAF was established in 1990, it has provided approximately $12 million in funding.

Photo: Toshiba America Foundation

Toshiba Thai Foundation

This photo is ceremony at Chulalongkorn University

Since 1991 the Toshiba Thai Foundation's scholarship program has made a difference for university students studying engineering. The foundation hopes the scholarships will inspire talented engineers whose work contributes to sustainability through environmental or energy conservation.

The directors of the Toshiba Thai Foundation circulate to present scholarship to engineering students at each university in Bangkok area.

Photo:Toshiba Thai Foundation
Photo:Toshiba Thai Foundation

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