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Social Contribution Activities

Corporate Citizenship by Group Companies/Sites

The Toshiba Group is active in various aspects of community life throughout the world

Dispatch of medical and dental teams to local communities (Philippines)

photo of Dispatch of medical and dental teams to local communities

Since 2006, Toshiba International Equipment (Philippines) (TIP) has been providing free medical and dental checkups and pharmaceuticals needed by the residents of poor neighborhoods. The company continues to do this semi-annually, having served about 6,000 people so far. Further, during exam waiting times, the company provides education on safety, hygiene and environmental conservation.

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Housing Construction Volunteer Program (U.S.A.)

photo of Housing Construction Volunteer Program (U.S.A.)

Since 2009, Toshiba America Information Systems and Toshiba America Business Solutions have jointly donated computers and 100,000 dollars each in cash to Habitat for Humanity, an NGO dedicated to building affordable houses for the poor. The then-president of Toshiba America Business Solutions was instrumental in promoting this initiative, as he also served on the board of the NGO.
Employees of corporate sponsors of the NGO have the option of helping build houses on "Build Day." Taking advantage of this opportunity, 20 to 30 employees from the two companies take two or three days off from work each year to help dig trenches, paint walls, sod lawns, and dismantle prefabricated structures. Toshiba America Information Systems has also donated 150 notebooks over three years since 2009, and has sent its employees to give computer lessons to families living in Habitat homes.

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Christmas Presents for Disadvantaged Children (U.S.A., Germany)

photo of Christmas Presents for Disadvantaged Children (U.S.A., Germany)

At Toshiba America Information Systems, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Toshiba Electronics Europe, and Toshiba Europe, employees have personally selected, purchased, and hand-delivered Christmas presents to orphans and children of poor families who may not otherwise receive any presents for Christmas. All of the children, who were introduced by local children's centers, and especially those who have never before received a Christmas present, were delighted with the surprise gifts.

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Charity Drives on Dress Down Days (U.K.)

photo of Charity Drives on Dress Down Days (U.K.)

At Toshiba TEC U.K. Imaging Systems and Toshiba Information Systems (U.K.) employees are allowed to come to work in casual clothing on Fridays provided that they engage in a charity drive to benefit welfare organizations. Different organizations are selected as recipients of the donation every month, and have included victims of natural disasters and a wide range of local, national, and international organizations. The companies have donated some 5,000 pounds every year.

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Public Facility Renovation (Mexico)

photo of Public Facility Renovation (Mexico)

Since 2008, Toshiba Electromex has been active in renovating local public facilities that have deteriorated from lack of maintenance. At an elementary school where the buildings were severely damaged due to serious poverty conditions, 10 Toshiba employees and teachers of the school spent three days making repairs. At a park where playground equipment was covered with graffiti and vandalized, 60 employees spent three days repainting the equipment and cleaning the park. At a fire department with a leaking roof, a group of Toshiba employees repaired the roof and electrical equipment. The necessary equipment and materials were donated or loaned by the company.

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Solar Lantern Project in India (Toshiba Plant Systems & Services

photo of Solar Lantern Project in India (Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation)

The Solar Lantern Project is an initiative to deliver electric light to people in developing countries who lack access to electricity, by providing a "solar station" consisting of a solar battery charging facility and 50 solar lanterns. Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation enlisted in the project through the NPO Gaia Initiative in 2008 as the first Japanese company to do so, recognizing that the project is strongly relevant to energy, environment, and infrastructure systems, which coincide with the company's businesses, and is an ideal way to contribute to regional development in India. Lanterns had been donated to 18 villages as of the end of March 2012.

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Elderly Care Support (Toshiba Mie Operations)

photo of Elderly Care Support (Toshiba Mie Operations)

At Toshiba Mie Operations, some 100 employees and their families pay a visit to Mizuho Ryo, a local social welfare facility for the aged, twice a year in the summer and winter to volunteer their help. This is an initiative that has been ongoing since around 1980. Teams of seven to eight members each spend two hours cleaning various areas of the facility, including private rooms, the kitchen, and bath, with a focus on places that are normally difficult to clean, such as ceiling air-conditioner filters, lamp shades, kitchen fans and ducts, and window panes in high places. They also spend time with the elderly residents of the facility, making rice cakes and playing games of bingo.

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Shoveling Snow for Elderly Residents (Toshiba Hokkaido Branch)

photo of Shoveling Snow for Elderly Residents (Toshiba Hokkaido Branch)

The Toshiba Hokkaido Branch has volunteered to remove snow at the homes of elderly citizens every year since 2005. In coordination with the Sapporo City Council of Social Welfare, some 100 employees from Toshiba Group companies and partner companies assemble into groups of six to eight members each and visit close to 20 homes of elderly citizens over a two-day period. Wearing caps emblazoned with the "Toshiba" logo, the volunteers remove and dispose of accumulated snow as requested at each house. The task proves to be extremely difficult during blizzards and low-visibility weather and when the workload unexpectedly increases at the last minute, but words of appreciation from the homeowners make it worth the effort.

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Support at Events for Disabled Children (Toshiba Keihin Product

photo of Support at Events for Disabled Children (Toshiba Keihin Product Operations)

At Toshiba Keihin Product Operations, labor and management come together as one to promote local welfare activities. Under the leadership of the Yokohama Labor Welfare Council East Branch and other labor unions in the Yokohama district, employees of Toshiba Keihin Product Operations help staff with the "New Year Rice Cake Making Festival," which has been held since 1996 with the participation of around 400 members from disability organizations. For the past 30 years, Toshiba employees have also participated in a tangerine picking event for children with disabilities that is sponsored by the Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union, inviting around 40 children with intellectual disabilities from the Tsurumi Ward, providing bus transportation to the event venue, and handing out take-home snacks.