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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Community welfare

Aspiring for Communities that Protect Human Rights in which People Can Live Happily

Toshiba supports activities related to dissolution of a gap, diversity, culture, and sports to create a world community where people understand and support each other with open minds.

  • Social problem solution for a developing countrySocial problem solution for a developing country

    For healthy growth of the children in Tanzania, the early childhood education before elementary school entrance was supported.

  • Banner:Workplace DiversityWorkplace Diversity

    To encourage respect for workplace diversity, sign language lessons are given by hearing-impaired instructors, and we take advantage of these communication skills at Toshiba presentations and in training.

  • Banner:Bridging the Digital DivideBridging the Digital Divide

    Donating computers and providing instruction are just two ways Toshiba helps bridge the digital divide between information technology users and those hoping to acquire and learn about this technology.

  • Banner:Blood DrivesBlood Drives

    Blood drives are held year-round at many Toshiba workplaces, and more than 5,000 Group employees worldwide are donors.

  • Banner:Collection Drives for NonprofitsCollection Drives for Nonprofits

    Worthy organizations such as NPOs benefit from funds raised by Toshiba collection drives, which encourage employees to donate unneeded books, CDs, and DVDs, as well as unsent postcards, used stamps, prepaid cards, and calendars.

  • Banner:Public Use of Facilities, Corporate Fairs and FestivalsPublic Use of Facilities, Corporate Fairs and Festivals

    Interacting with local communities (opening up facilities, in-house sales events, and festivals) company facilities, grounds, and gymnasiums are open to the local people to promote better health. We also hold sales events in our offices, neighboring social centers and other such places, and our festival grounds are available for people to use for local events.

  • Banner:Promoting SportsPromoting Sports

    Toshiba promotes sports not only to help children to grow up healthy but also to inspire and encourage everyone through the impressive performances of top athletes.

    Amateur sports teams of Toshiba employees play an active role in making a difference in society.

  • Banner:>Promotion of CulturePromotion of Culture

    Cultural activities are another facet of social prosperity that Toshiba supports. We help art and music thrive, sponsor learning opportunities, assist in research, safeguard traditional arts, and encourage international cross-cultural exchanges.

  • Banner:Corporate Citizenship by Group Companies/SitesCorporate Citizenship by Group Companies/Sites


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