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Social Contribution Activities

Public Use of Facilities, Corporate Fairs and Festivals

Public Use of Gymnasiums and Playing Fields

Toshiba Keihin Product Operations offers the use of its playing field and gymnasium for local gateball and volleyball tournaments held in the Tsurumi District.
Similarly, in response to requests from the community, Toshiba Komukai Operations and Toshiba Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center offer the use of their sports facilities to hold rehabilitation classes for people with disabilities, exercise classes sponsored by local health centers, and children's baseball classes hosted by neighborhood associations.
Nishishiba Electric also opens its field and gymnasium to the community, and benefits some 4,000 users per year.
The baseball field managed by Toshiba Home Appliances Corporation's Aichi Factory is available for public use for 300 hours or more per year.

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Public Use of Cultural/Welfare Facilities and Parking Spaces

photo of Toshiba Microelectronics Center offers

Toshiba Microelectronics Center offers local neighborhood associations the use of its employee clubhouse to hold social gathering events.
Nishishiba Electric, at the request of the local community association, invites elderly residents who live alone to view the cherry trees at its health insurance facility during the cherry blossom season in early spring.
Toshiba Multimedia Devices Corporation installs lanterns along a street lined with some 40 cherry trees so local residents may also enjoy viewing the blossoms at night.
Harison Toshiba Lighting Corporation offers the use of its parking lot during local marathons and school festivals, and TER Corporation similarly opens its parking lot for festivals hosted by social welfare corporations in the community.
Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation has provided shuttle bus services during a community event held in Kashiwazaki.

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Corporate Fair

photo of Corporate fair

We have been hosting fairs at which non-profits and workplaces for people with disabilities sell baked goods, handicrafts and more made by persons with disabilities. Purchases by our employees help support the economic independence of people with disabilities. We also sell fair-trade items in our head office building to support a greater number of people. Organizations supported, and the locations of events, include "Miyuki Workshop" (at the Microelectronics Center), "Alice Bakery" (Toshiba Multimedia Devices), "Asagao" (TD Business Support/Toshiba Business and Life Service), "Momiji Workshop" (Chugoku Branch Office), "Kaiko"(THA),"Olive House," "Pastel Farm," "Okashiya Palette," "Swan Bakery," "Education Sponsorship in Asia," "Castanet," "Peace Winds Japan" and "Association for Aid and Relief, Japan" (head office building). Cumulative sales at the head office building have reached 4,093,458 yen (from 72 events between July 2004 and March 2013).

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Public Use of Training Facilities and Equipment

photo of Public Use of Training Facilities and Equipment

Topcon Corporation offers the use of its training facility, including its equipment and materials, to universities in support of their civil engineering and survey curriculums.
This contribution is strongly appreciated, as universities have limited access to large-scale training facilities.

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photo of Festivals

A number of Toshiba factories and subsidiaries sponsor community festivals every summer and autumn as a token of their appreciation to local residents for their support and cooperation. They include Toshiba's Ome, Oita, Mie and Yokkaichi Operations, Toshiba LSI Package Solutions Corporation, and Buzen Toshiba Electronics Corporation.
The festivals feature food and drink stalls staffed by Toshiba employees, talent shows, traditional arts of the region, a lottery for Toshiba products, and many other attractions that local residents, employees, and their families can all enjoy.