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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Public Use of Facilities, Corporate Fairs and Festivals

Opening up Company Facilities

Responding to requests from residents, we at the Toshiba Komukai Complex and the Toshiba Yokohama Complex provide access to our physical education facilities, rehabilitation training rooms for people with disabilities, exercise training rooms at the health centers, and little league training facilities for local community associations.
At Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd., we have opened our grounds to the local people. (Nishishiba Electric also opens its field to the community.)
Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation installs lanterns along a street lined with some 40 cherry trees so local residents may also enjoy viewing the blossoms at night.
Company parking lots are opened up so local associations can hold festivals at Japan Semiconductor, and for local marathon races and school cultural festivals at the Imabari Office of Toshiba Lighting & Technology.

Photo:Opening up Company Facilities
Photo:Opening up Company Facilities

In-house sales events

In-house sales events are held by NPOs and welfare centers in which disabled people make things like pastries, bread, or handicrafts and sell them to our employees, as a way to support financial independence for disabled people. We are widening the circle of support at our main offices by selling fair trade products and local produce from the prefectures that were struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The Miyuki Workshop (Komukai Complex), Alice Bakery (Toshiba Visual Solutions), Welfare Facility Product Sales for the Disabled in Kitakami Nishiwaga Area, Nora Kura Club (Japan Semiconductor), Fukushima Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Kuwanomi Fukushi-kai (Toshiba Business and Life Service), Pastel Farm, Okashiya Palette, Education Sponsorship in Asia, Castanets, Nozomien, Miyuki Workshop, Orange Fureai, and the Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (main offices) reached total sales at the main offices of 5,827,500 (from July 2004 to March 2016, a total of 104 events).

Photo:In-house sales events


A number of Toshiba factories and subsidiaries sponsor community festivals every summer and autumn as a token of their appreciation to local residents for their support and cooperation. They include Toshiba Yokohama Complex, Mie and Yokkaichi Operations, Kaga Toshiba Electronics, and Buzen Toshiba Electronics.
The festivals feature food and drink stalls staffed by Toshiba employees, talent shows (Entertainer show), traditional arts of the region, a lottery for Toshiba products, and many other attractions that local residents, employees, and their families can all enjoy.


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