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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Bridging the Digital Divide

The development of information technologies such as personal computers and the Internet has created a digital divide between users of these technologies and those with limited access or knowledge about them. By donating PCs and providing instruction, the Toshiba Group is helping to bridge this digital divide and eliminate the large disparities in treatment, wealth, and opportunities that have emerged between these two groups of people.

Donation of PCs, TVs to Philippine Schools

In an effort to improve computer literacy in the Philippines, where less than half of the some 5,000 high schools have access to the Internet, Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines) and Toshiba Storage Device (Philippines) have donated 440 laptop computers to 44 public high schools in Laguna Province for 4 years since fiscal 2007 as part of their continuing support of the "Gearing up Internet Literacy and Access for Students" (GILAS) Program sponsored by the Ayala Foundation.

So far, the 2 companies have benefited 35% of all high schools in Laguna Province—home to Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines). They have also helped develop the necessary environment for Internet access. In the 3 years since fiscal 2012, we have donated televisions to 850 public elementary schools.

Photo: Donation of PCs, TVs to Philippine  Schools

Donation of Used Computers in Japan

To boost computer literacy in welfare and community organizations lacking sufficient information technology due to financial reasons or otherwise, Toshiba has been donating used computers to such organizations via the authorized NPO eparts.
In 2015, we have donated a total of 3,856 televisions.

Photo: Donation of Used Computers in Japan

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