Pink Ribbon Campaign

Screening for Breast Cancer

The Toshiba Group supports the Pink Ribbon Campaign for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer by providing diagnostic X-ray mammography, ultrasound, and MRI systems. All efforts in this regard contribute to better women's health around the world.

For details about breast cancer and screening facilities, please inquire with the Information Services of the National Cancer Center, the Japan Society of Breast Health (NPO), your local government office, or other relevant sources of information.

Pink Ribbon Campaign in Japan

As a co-sponsor of Pink Ribbon walking events and others for 10 years in a row since 2003, the Toshiba Group also promotes the campaign by exhibiting actual mammography equipment and mobile units during such events. Through encouragement by the company, as many as 500 employees and their families take part in the annual walking event to communicate the importance of breast cancer screening.

During Pink Ribbon month in 2014, we cooperated with the seminar entitled, “Know about Your Body to Continue to Make Yourself Shine” at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo on October 9th. In addition to this, we produced "Everything You Wanted to Know: A Guide to Breast Cancer Screening", which describes methods for conducting breast self-exams and introduces screening facilities throughout the country. We did extensive awareness campaigns by holding events and distributing the books through Daimaru and Matsuzakaya department stores across the country.

Photo: Pink Ribbon Campaign in Japan
Photo: Pink Ribbon Campaign in Japan

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, as a leading manufacturer of diagnostic imaging systems in Japan, offers total solutions to breast cancer screening needs by providing effective screening equipment, including mammography, ultrasound, CT and MRI systems.

Photo: Toshiba Medical  Systems Corporation

Toshiba Business & Life Service

Since 2006, Toshiba Business & Life Service has been selling their own original Pink Ribbon mineral water. Starting from 2008, we began installing Pink Ribbon vending machines. Currently there are 28 such machines throughout the Toshiba Group. Part of the revenue from these, over 1 million yen every year, is donated to the Japan Cancer Society’s Wipe Out Breast Cancer Smile Fund (a public interest foundation).

Photo:Toshiba Business & Life Service

Toshiba TEC Corporation

Toshiba TEC Corporation has replaced the paper cups used in its tea serving machines and guest paper cups with "Pink Ribbon paper cups," to also donate a portion of its sales to the Japan Cancer Society.

Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation

Since 2013, Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation has been planning and sponsoring a charity golf competition as part of its Pink Ribbon activities. The money collected from the participants is donated to the Manabi Scholarship Fund* of the NPO J.POSH.

*A program of high school scholarships for orphans of breast cancer patients or children whose mothers or guardians are battling breast cancer

Photo:Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation

Pink Ribbon Campaign Overseas

Toshiba of Europe has been an active participant in the annual "Wear It Pink Day" since 2005, calling on participants to wear pink and donate an amount of 2 pounds or more on that day. The company matches the amount raised by its employees and donates the sum to a charity organization called Breast Cancer Campaign.

At Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation, employees and their families participate in breast cancer walks to support research. The donations that are collected are matched by the company and then contributed to the American Association for Cancer Research, a major sponsor of the event.

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