Basic Policy

Basic Policy of the Toshiba Group

Toshiba contributes as a corporate entity to help solve society's problems. We, as a corporate citizen, are participating proactively and believe that our social action programs are very important in helping to create a sustainable society.

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Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group

We, Toshiba Group companies, based on our total commitment to people and to the future, are determined to help create a higher quality of life for all people, and to do our part to help ensure that progress continues within the world community.

  1. Commitment to People
  2. We endeavor to serve the needs of all people, especially our customers, shareholders, and employees, by implementing forward-looking corporate strategies while carrying out responsible and responsive business activities. As good corporate citizens, we actively contribute to further the goals of society.

  3. Commitment to the Future
  4. By continually developing innovative technologies centering on the fields of Electronics and Energy, we strive to create products and services that enhance human life, and which lead to a thriving, healthy society. We constantly seek new approaches that help realize the goals of the world community, including ways to improve the global environment.

Slogan of the Toshiba Group

Committed to People, Committed to the Future. TOSHIBA

Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Corporate Citizenship

  1. In accordance with the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct, we make cigorous efforts to contribute to society.
  2. In contributing to society, we focus on the following fields: protection of the natural enviroment, science and technology education, promotion of sport and culture, social welfare, and international exchanges and friendship.
  3. We support employees' voluntary activities.

Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Corporate Citizenship

We are expanding globally based on three pillars -- educating the next generation, protecting our natural environment, and social welfare -- with emphasis on human rights, the environment, and the CSR of our supply chain while giving particular consideration to the gravity of the Toshiba Group's CSR.

Employees, both as individuals and as an organization, become more sensitive to society's problems through participating in volunteer activities. We believe that, through these, we are tied into generating innovation in our work activities.

Breakdown of Expenditures in FY2014

glaph of Breakdown of Expenditures.Total expenditure:3.55 billion yen(*1). Science and Technology Education :46%, Support for Disaster Recovery7%, Promotion of Sports and Culture15%, Social Welfare6%, Nature Conservaion2%, International Exchanges and Friendships2%, Healthcare5%, Other(*2)17%

*1 Expenditures include cash contributions, corporate-initiated programs, and donations of products.

*2 "Other" includes donations of products and allowing access to facilities for public use (gyms, etc.).

Promotional Framework

Promotional Framework

In the Toshiba Group, the social contributions team of the CSR office works together with the promotion staff of social contributions at each company and workplace to promote these activities. From April 2013 to March 2014, approximately 100,000 employees from 179 Group companies participated in 1,481 activities for social contribution.

Social contribution promotion staff work group (a work group of representatives from the social contribution promotion staff) evaluate 9 criteria, such as purpose, employee participation, originality, continuity, effects on society, and cooperation with outside organizations. Activities that produce particularly noteworthy results are commended at the Toshiba Group CSR Conference in December.

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