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Social Contribution ActivitiesSocial Contribution Activities

Disaster Relief

Taking action for a prompt recovery after disaster strikes

There are about 200,000 people working around the world for the Toshiba Group. We are developing operations in regions around the world and building deep relationships within them.
We received a great amount of support from countries around the world when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011. In the future, we will continue to contribute to the recovery from natural disasters as one means to repay this kindness.
We follow various avenues of support that include researching the methods that are most applicable for the state of the disaster and region. Then, we contribute money, provide Toshiba products, collaborate with NGOs, and organize volunteer activities and donations by employees.

History of support

Support to Recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Toshiba Group will continue to support the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake because much more time is still necessary.

Photo:Support to Recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake


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