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We, Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd (TTDI) having portfolios of Design, Engineering, System configuration, Assembly, Testing, Supply, and Testing & Commissioning on Site, Training for Control Relay Panel and Substation Automation System.

Toshiba Protection Relays, IEDs and Protection Systems are recognized the worldwide for its rich virtues of Quality, stability and have successful experience in varied installations World over, including in India. Toshiba Brand Relays enjoy and very large installed base and successful operation in Various Utilities India.

Further, Toshiba Protection Relays, IED/ BCUs, SAS Systems, covering the Protection Relays, IEDs and Substation Automation System Hardware Protection Systems, are IEC 61850 Compliance and PRP compliance.

GR-200 Series IEDs
33kV CRP Panels
220kV CRP Panels

Basic typical system configuration of the GSC1000