Environmentally-Conscious Products of Toshiba

O. Marumoto
Y. Kurakata
F. Kogure


Nowadays, people throughout the world are concerned with realizing sustainable development in which the global environment and human activities are balanced.@ All of our company's products are covered by the product assessment process as the basis of environmental consciousness.@ Toshibafs Voluntary Plan 1993 has various objectives including resource-saving, recyclability, and so on.

As a result of these measures, several of our products-an air conditioner, an automatic washer, and a heat pump-have been recognized by public associations, and our personal computer and copier products have qualified for the energy star mark.@ In the energy field, we are also continuously making efforts to introduce clean energy systems such as high-efficiency and low-emission power systems, new cycles to utilize low-temperature heat effectively, fuel cell systems, and so on.

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