[Heavy Electrical Apparatus]

VF-S7 and VF-S7e User-Friendly Inverters

To meet the rapidly growing demand for low-end and compact inverters for industrial use, Toshiba has introduced the user-friendly TOSVERT VF-S7 and VF-S7e series. Specifications for the VF-S7 include a range of 0.4kW to 3.7kW (3ph-200V), with plans to expand the range to 15kW for both 200V and 400V by the end of 1996; sensorless vector control for high torque at low frequencies; and three automatic setting functions. The VF-S7e also has three automatic setting functions, as well as a range of 0.1kW to 0.4kW (1ph-100, 200V) or from 0.1kW to 0.75kW (3ph-200V); simplified operation using a potentiometer; and compact design using an original power module.

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