Digital Card Camera for PC Use Incorporating CardBus

H. Sekiguchi
T. Ikehata
J. Asaga

The market for PC cameras is expanding, in line with their growing popularity as an accessory for capturing video images for networking through PCs.  The output signal of PC cameras has recently tended toward digital instead of analog output.  Therefore, the CardBus interface, which transfers data much faster than current PC cards, is required.

Toshiba has developed the IK-D30 digital card camera in response to the above situation.  The IK-D30 has a compact and lightweight design for easy installation on a PC.  Moreover, a pioneering feature of this digital card camera is that it supports the CardBus interface.


Fig.1 Basic system configuration of IK-D30
Fig.2 External view of IK-D30
Fig.3 Configuration of ASIC
Fig.4 Structure of camera head and directions of movement
Fig.5 Rotary structure of lens section
Fig.6 Structure of axis section
Fig.7 Configuration of device driver
Table.1 Basic specifications of IK-D30

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