Widespread Application of Accelerators and Toshiba's Prospects

KODAIRA Masanobu
TAKANO Hirohisa


The application of accelerators is expected to expand to many fields, including nuclear physics, high-energy physics, science using synchrotron radiation, cancer therapy using ion beams, transmutation of nuclear waste, industrial uses, and so on.

Toshiba has been fabricating many main accelerator components such as klystrons and their power supplies, radio-frequency (RF) cavities, normalconducting and superconducting magnets, and electron beam cooling devices. We have also been making efforts to develop accelerators as a whole system since the mid-1980s. Our accelerator-related technologies were concentrated in the construction of the SPring-8 synchrotron, the acceleration of which was successfully carried out at the beginning of 1997.

Accelerators will make a prominent contribution to the evolution of science and technology in the 21st century. We at Toshiba will devote our best efforts to this field with our advanced technologies.

Fig.1 Accelerator technologies and their applications
Fig.2 SPring-8 synchrotron (RF cavities are shown at center)
Table.1 Accelerator systems delivered by Toshiba
Table.2 Example of main subsystems delivered by Toshiba

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