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2016 VOL.71 NO.1



Special Reports
Advanced Energy Technologies Cultivated by Toshiba Supporting Experimental Nuclear Fusion Projects

  * Toshiba's Contribution to Development of Nuclear Fusion Energy
  * Toshiba's Approaches to Research and Development of Nuclear Fusion Devices
  * Efforts for Realization of Nuclear Fusion Demonstration Reactor
  * Start of Manufacturing of Toroidal Field Coils for ITER Project
  * Technologies for ITER Blanket Remote Handling System
  * Completion of Vacuum Vessel Sector Manufacturing and Approaches to Overall Assembly of JT-60SA
  * Refurbishment of Power Supplies and Control System to Achieve Long-Pulse Operation for JT-60SA
  * Neutron Monitoring System for Nuclear Fusion Facilities
  * Efforts for Development and Enhancement of Experimental Devices for Nuclear Fusion Research in Universities and Research Institutions

Feature Articles
  * Application of Multi-objective Optimization Method to HDD Production Lines
  * Mathematical Approach to WIP Control Mechanism for Semiconductor Production Line
  * Differentiation Technologies for "TZCS" Thin Client Solution with High Security

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Simultaneous Interpretation Technology Lowering Communication Barrier in Business Meetings
  * On-Machine Dimensional Measurement Technology Supporting Manufacturing of Large Parts

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