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2014 VOL.69 NO.11



Special Reports
Healthcare Technologies to Realize Health-Smart Communities

  * Toward Creating New Approaches to Healthcare
  * Toshiba's Approaches to Healthcare Business
  * Activities Related to Construction of Personalized Medicine and Preventive Healthcare System
  * Wearable Sensors Corresponding to Various Applications in Healthcare Field
  * Latest Technologies for Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy Systems for Cancer Treatment
  * Voice Tweet SNS for Home Medical Care Services to Support Communication among Healthcare Staff
  * Solutions for Pediatrics and Dentistry Aiming at Improvement of Medical Services through Use of Medical IT

Feature Articles
  * Digital Refocusing Technology Using Multiple Fixed-Focus Cameras
  * Improvement of Transportation Efficiency in Large-Scale Factories Using Technology Integrating Mathematical Optimization and Microsimulation
  * Newly Developed Material for Realization of Large-Scale Geothermal Steam Turbines
  * Fieldbus Support Technologies for Process Control Systems
  * 1 Tbyte Recording Capacity 2.5-inch HDD with 7 mm Height Form Factor for Mobile Notebook PCs
  * Kindmover Escalator with Safety Material Affixed to Step Edges
  * High-Efficiency and Small-Form-Factor Control Gear for LED Lighting Using GaN Devices

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Lightweight and Versatile Production Scheduler Easily Integrated into Existing System of Manufacturing Sites

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