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Vol. 73, No. 5, September 2018



Special Reports 1
Cybersecurity Technologies Playing Increasingly Significant Role in Digital Transformation
  * Committed to Protecting Social Systems against Furtive Threats
  * Toshiba's Approach to Strengthening of Cybersecurity
  * Industrial IoT Security Architecture
  * Cybersecurity Technologies Ensuring Safe, Secure, and Long-Term Operation of Control Systems for Infrastructure
  * Security Certification Obtained for Unified Controller nv series type2
  * Efforts of Toshiba Group to Improve Security in Software Development Processes
  * Control System Testbed to Improve Accuracy and Efficiency of Security Verification Using Virtualization Technology

Special Reports 2
"Toshiba Communication AI RECAIUS" Services Aiming to Innovate Workstyles
  * Collaboration between Humans and Artificial Intelligence Accelerating Business Revolution
  * RECAIUS Communication AI Technologies for Workstyle Innovation in Digital Revolution Era
  * Rapidly Constructible Spoken Dialog System to Support Automation and Enhance Efficiency of Business Operations
  * AI Technology Adding New Value to Business Documents and Records of Conversations to Support Customer Relations
  * Speech Middleware to Incorporate Speech Interface into Smart Devices
  * Creation of New Businesses by Hybridization of Cloud Services and Edge Devices
  * Efforts for Development of Technology to Automatically Customize Voice Recognition Dictionaries to Meet Customer Requirements
  * Statistical Spoken Dialog System for Reduction of Development and Customization Costs

Feature Articles
  * Dereverberation Method to Improve Accuracy of Recognition of Spoken Language Collected by Distant Microphone
  * Requirement Management Tool to Secure Traceability and Improve Efficiency of Software Development
  * Ongoing Introduction of 100 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Contributing to Realization of Hydrogen Society
  * Plug-In Type UPS Realizing Labor Saving at Time of Renewal
  * FR2100T Model 700 Rackmount Industrial Computer
  * Storage Battery System Incorporating SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Cells Compliant with SIL4 of RAMS Standards
  * Item-Spotting OCR Technology to Automatically Locate Recognition Targets

Frontiers of Research & Development

Cooperative Control of Air Conditioners Linked to Comfort Requirements of Each Occupant of Room


"Fuego" Testing Tool for Efficient Testing of Linux Embedded Systems


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