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Vol. 72, No. 3, July 2017



Special Reports
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Allowing Creation of Smart Mobility Society
  * Innovative Methods for Observation and Control of Traffic Flow
  * ITS Technologies to Solve New Traffic Issues and Toshiba's Approach
  * Traffic Flow Estimation Using Image Probe System Based on Image Processing Technology
  * System to Support EV Drivers Travelling on Expressways and Its Technology Using AI to Predict Power Consumption of EVs
  * Efforts for Practical Realization of Method to Forecast Traffic Accident Occurrence on Expressways
  * Basic Software for Central Processing Systems of ITS with Appropriate Performance for Expressways in Global Market
  * Vehicle Type Discrimination Technology for Large-Sized Vehicles Using Roadside Camera Images
  * False Approach Detection System to Prevent Accidents at Entrances and Exits of Urban Expressways
  * Software Platform Capable of Lengthening Lifetime of ETC Systems
  * Wireless Charging Technology for Expansion of Electric Bus Systems

Feature Articles
  * 85 kHz-Band Wireless Power Transfer Technologies toward Practical Realization of Contactless Charging of Electric Vehicles and Buses
  * BLE Wireless Receiver Using Digital PLL Regeneration Technology
  * Polyspector™ High-Speed Big Data Visualization Platform
  * Speech Recognition Engine with Detection and Removal of Filler Words Unnecessary for Understanding Spontaneous Speech
  * Energy-Saving Heating Control Technology for Residences as Part of Lyon Smart Community Project in Lyon, France
  * High-Power Type 10 Ah SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery Contributing to Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Frontiers of Research & Development


Authentication Method for Onboard Controller Area Network (CAN) Using Pseudorandom Numbers

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