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2015 VOL.70 NO.2



Special Reports
Toshiba Community Solutions Supporting People's Lives

  * Approaches toward Realization of Smart Society
  * Smart Communities Proceeding to Full-Fledged Implementation Stage
  * Approach to Negawatt Aggregation in Yokohama Smart City Project
  * Toshiba's Approaches to Miyakojima City All-Islands EMS Demonstration Project to Actualize Island Type Low-Carbon Society
  * Promotion of Smart Community Demonstration Project in Lyon, France
  * Verification of Energy-Saving Effect Achieved by Model-Based Air-Conditioning Control Function of "Smart BEMS"
  * Toshiba Smart Home Aimed at Realizing Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Lives of Residents

Feature Articles
  * Handwriting Retrieval Technology for Tablets with Pen Input
  * TOSMAP-DSTM/LX EHC Next-Generation Electrohydraulic Control System for Thermal Power Plants Integrating General-Purpose and High-Reliability Control Technologies
  * ES-5300 Multifunctional Ticket Issuing Machine with Flexibility to Handle Various Tickets and Improved Operability
  * High-Performance TOSPECTRON-I Inner Defect Inspection System for Steel Strip Manufacturing Process
  * Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems for Tokyo Institute of Technology
  * 2M403/E4500 Magnetron with High Efficiency and Improved Load Stability for Microwave Ovens

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Interactive Voice Intention Recognition Technology Allowing TV Viewers to Rapidly Find Desired Programs

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