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Vol. 74, No. 1, January 2019



Special Reports 1
Green Energy Aggregation Cultivated by Toshiba for Effective Utilization of Renewable Energy
  * Toshiba’s Technologies for both Using Renewable Energy as Major Power Source and Stabilizing Electricity Supply and Demand
  * Toshiba’s Approaches to Green Energy Aggregation Service Contributing to Stabilization of Power Systems
  * Latest Technologies for Solar PV Power Generation Systems
  * Latest Technologies for Wind Turbine Systems
  * Portfolio Management Technology to Select Optimal Combination of Electricity Users for Negawatt Aggregation Services
  * Charge and Discharge Planning Technique for Multipurpose Utilization of Storage Batteries of Electricity Users
  * Technologies for O&M Services Supporting Introduction of Renewable Energy Generation Systems
  * Tandem Solar Cell Combining Transmission Type Cu2O Solar Cell with Si Solar Cell to Achieve High Efficiency and Low Cost

Special Reports 2
Optimal Solutions for Water and Environmental Systems
  * Making Efforts to Ensure Sustainability of Water Supply and Sewerage Businesses
  * Solutions Contributing to Construction of Flexible and Sustainable Water and Environmental Systems
  * Solutions Utilizing TOSWACS Integrated Platform to Achieve Automation of Water Supply and Sewerage Plant Operation
  * Advanced Control Solutions Using Automation Techniques for Optimal Operation of Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities
  * Solutions to Improve Efficiency of Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities
  * Solutions for Water Supply and Sewerage Businesses Adapted to Various Public-Private Partnerships
  * Solutions for Realization of Wastewater Recycling Plants with Higher Efficiency

Feature Articles
  * TMPM4K Motor Control Microcomputer for High-Performance PMSM Drive Systems at Lower Cost
  * Demand Forecasting Technology Using AI for On-Demand Ridesharing Services
  * LED Dimming System Composed of DC LED Bulbs and DC Dimmer for Rendering of Lighting Spaces

Frontiers of Research & Development

“PGSpider” Distributed Data Search Framework Allowing High-Speed Retrieval of Data Stored in Edge Devices


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