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Vol. 72, No. 2, May 2017



Special Reports
Latest Technologies for Elevators and Escalators
  * Evolving Technologies for Elevators and Escalators Supporting Transportation in Urban Areas
  * Globally Evolving Elevators and Escalators Corresponding to Diverse Requirements of Users
  * Approaches Aimed at Further Improving Safety, Security, and Comfort of Elevators and Escalators
  * New-Generation ELCOSMO-E Series Standard Elevators for Chinese Market
  * Maintenance Support System for Elevators Utilizing IoT and ICTs
  * Global Activities Related to Renewal of Elevators
  * Technologies Realizing High-Speed Large-Capacity Elevators Required for High-Rise Buildings
  * Introduction of Rope-Sway Suppression System for Elevators at TOKYO SKYTREE®
  * Elevators Offering Comfortable Ride by Application of Universal Design

Feature Articles
  * Memory Error Analysis Methodology Contributing to Reduction in Power Consumption of Deep Learning Hardware
  * High-Density FPGA Circuit Technology Using Pure-CMOS Crossbar Antifuse Memory
  * Manufacturing Technology for Samarium-Cobalt Magnets with High Iron Concentration for Heat-Resistant Motor Equipment
  * Technology for Detection of Internal Cracks in Bridges by Monitoring Acoustic Emissions
  * Technology for Control of Brushless DC Motors to Achieve High Efficiency through Simple Configuration
  * FS20000S Model 200/100 Industrial Servers

Frontiers of Research & Development


Crowd Density Estimation Technology Using "COUNT (CO-voting Uncertain Number of Targets) Forest" Algorithm

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