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2015 VOL.70 NO.10



Special Reports
Measurement and Control Systems Supporting Social and Industrial Infrastructures

  * Approaches toward Sophistication of Measurement and Control Systems
  * Trends in and Future Outlook for Measurement and Control Systems
  * Real-Time Data Management Solutions for Steel and Nonferrous Metal Plants
  * PlantLogMeister Electronic Plant Operation Log for Effective Use of Knowledge Data Accumulated at Manufacturing Sites
  * Industrial Controllers Enhancing Plant Information Systems in Conjunction with MES Solutions
  * Industrial Computers Assuming New Role as Hub for IoT Devices
  * TOSPECTRON-FCP•A Hole Detector for Steel Rolling Lines
  * Field Measurement Instruments Contributing to Mitigation of Various Environmental Issues

Feature Articles
  * High-Precision Time Synchronization Method for Wide-Area Power Line Protection Systems
  * Advanced Perpendicular STT-MRAM toward Realization of Highly Reliable and Low-Power Nonvolatile Cache Memories for High-Performance CPUs
  * Elevator-Group Control System to Reduce Energy Consumption by Dynamic Control of Number of Running Cars
  * In-Process Welding Monitoring System Using Laser-Ultrasonic Testing
  * Platform as a Service to Support Agile Software Development
  * eXtreme Design Studio to Realize Lean Startup of New Business Fields by Working Collaboratively with Customers
  * TV Shopping Solution Using Dedicated Set-Top Box System

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Automated Assembly Line for LED Bars Using Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

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