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2014 VOL.69 NO.8



Special Reports
Advancing Semiconductor Technologies for Automotive Systems

  * Semiconductor Technologies for Ongoing Evolution of Automotive Innovation
  * Trends in Semiconductor Technologies for Automotive Systems and Toshiba's Approach toward Reduced Environmental Impact, Greater Safety, and Enhanced Computerization
  * Automotive Microcontrollers Providing High-Speed and High-Efficiency Motor Control
  * Motor Driver ICs Supporting Enhanced Performance and Electrification of Automotive Systems
  * New-Generation Low-Voltage MOSFETs Contributing to High-Performance and Compact ECUs for Automotive Use
  * Functional Safety Technologies for Automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Monitoring ICs
  * TMPV7500 Image Recognition Processor Family for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  * Functional Safety in Automotive Microcontrollers and Fault Injection Test System for Compliance with High Functional Safety Requirements
  * Bluetooth(†) and Wireless LAN Combo Chips for Automotive Applications
  * NAND Flash Memory for Car Infotainment Systems

Feature Articles
  * HEVC Real-Time Software Video Encoder for Ultra-High Definition Video Contents Applying Parallel Distributed Processing
  * Technology to Extract State Machine Models from Source Codes for Model-Based Software Development
  * Stationary Traction Energy Storage System for Railway Transportation Systems
  * Electrical Equipment for 1000 Series EMUs of Hankyu Corporation

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * PolyspectorTM Platform for Software Execution Trace Analysis

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