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Vol. 74, No. 3, May 2019



Special Reports
Toshiba’s Approaches to Expansion of Thermal Power Plant Solution Businesses
  * Toward Creating New Value in Thermal Power Generation
  * Trends in Thermal Power Generation and Toshiba’s Efforts Aimed at Providing Solutions with High Added Value
  * IoT Solutions Co-Creating New Value for Thermal Power Plants with Customers
  * Commencement of Commercial Operation of Ishikariwan Shinko Power Station Unit 1 of HEPCO to Ensure Stable Power Supply
  * Latest Technologies for Steam Turbine for Takehara Thermal Power Station New Unit 1 of J-POWER
  * Reliability and Operability Improvement Technologies Enabling Flexible Startup of Aging Thermal Plants
  * Technologies for Turbine Generators of Thermal Power Plants with Capability to Enhance Efficiency and Shorten Startup Times over Wide Load Range
  * Latest TOSMAP-DS™/LX Controller for Thermal Power Plants Corresponding to Further Sophistication of Operation and Enhancement of Security
  * Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology Applicable to Various Emitters of Flue Gas
  * Combustion Tests of 50 MWt Combustor for Supercritical CO2 Cycle Demonstration Power Plant with Capability to Capture Almost All CO2 Emissions

Feature Articles
  * Technique to Swiftly Obtain Information on Luminaire Locations after Introduction of Wireless Lighting Control Systems
  * Method to Identify Cause of Operational Errors in Electronic Products Using Machine Learning
  * Toshiba’s Manufacturing IoT Solution Activities for Improvement of Productivity Based on Accumulated Manufacturing Know-How
  * 20 Ah and 5 Ah SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery Cells Offering Both High Energy Density and High Input-Output Power Characteristics for High-Performance Hybrid Vehicles

Frontiers of Research & Development

Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Technique Based on Velocity Model Taking Intersection Configurations into Consideration


Method for Both High-Speed Oxidative Decomposition of Organic Film and Suppression of Oxidation on Metal Film Using Water Vapor Plasma


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