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2014 VOL.69 NO.12



Special Reports
Weather Disaster Reduction and Mitigation Solutions Supporting People's Lives

  * Observation and Prediction of Heavy Rainfall and Social Roles of Such Activities
  * Toshiba Weather Disaster Reduction and Mitigation Solutions Contributing to Realization of Safe and Secure Society
  * Technologies for Weather Radars to Achieve Highly Precise Wide-Area Observation of Precipitation
  * X-Band 130 W-Class GaN HEMT for SSPAs in Radar Systems
  * Phased-Array Weather Radar to Sense Signs of Extreme Weather Events Including Torrential Rainfall
  * Sensor Fusion System for Comprehensive Observation of Weather Phenomena
  * Sewerage Operation Support System Utilizing Rainfall Radars

Feature Articles
  * Automated Quantification Technology for Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics Based on Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis
  * Receiving Subarray Unit with Superconducting Filters to Improve Sensitivity of Phased-Array Antennas
  * Software Platform to Accelerate Installation of Image Recognition Technologies in Products
  * Material with Low Friction and High Wear Resistance for Water-Lubricated Bearings
  * THNSNJ480PCS3 480 Gbyte Recording Capacity 2.5-inch SSD Equipped with SATA Interface for Enterprise Use
  * "MediaGuide Replay" Recording Function for Cloud TVs Based on Personalized Time-Shift Machine for European Market

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Page Construction Method to Improve Responsivity and Efficiency of Development of Web Applications
  * Multiplexer Based on MMT (MPEG Media Transport) Technologies for Next-Generation Broadcasting Systems

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