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2015 VOL.70 NO.9



Special Reports
Inspection and Monitoring Technologies for Social Infrastructure

  * Improving Social Infrastructure through Digital Technologies: A Task Impossible for the Roman Empire
  * Trends in Inspection and Monitoring Technologies for Social Infrastructure and Toshiba's Activities
  * Automatic Crack Recognition Technology Offering Efficient Maintenance System for Road Pavement
  * Image Processing Change Detection System for Automated Monitoring of Visual Changes in Tunnel Linings
  * Nondestructive Acoustic Inspection System Effective for Checking Concrete Infrastructure
  * Development of Bridge Monitoring System Applying Acoustic Emission Measurement
  * Self-Propelled Ultrasonic Testing System for Steel Plate Deck Bridges Applying MatrixeyeTM 3D-SAFT Array Inspection Equipment

Feature Articles
  * Community Energy Management System Compliant with OpenADR(†) 2.0b Specification
  * High-Speed Quantum Key Distribution Technology for Realization of Long-Term Stable Operation
  * Power-Saving Technology for Mobile Devices through Cooperative Operation between Wireless LAN Module and Main Processor
  * Technology for Design of White LED Packages Using Optical-Thermal Coupled Analysis
  * Commencement of Operation of Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage System for Nishi-Sendai Substation of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
  * GridStore/NewSQL Scale-Out Database Accelerating Big Data Utilization
  * Enhancement of Communication Performance of "FEMINITY" Home IT System and Its Development as HEMS Platform with 920 MHz Wireless Communication

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Innovative Building Management Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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