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2014 VOL.69 NO.10



Special Reports
Application of User Experience (UX) Design to Products and Services of Toshiba Group

  * UX Design Facilitating Creation of New Customer value
  * Trends in and Prospects for UX Design
  * Toshiba's Approaches to UX Design Methods
  * Approach to Cloud-Based Transportation Planning System Using UX Design
  * Collaborative Workshop with Local Residents Realized by UX Design to Facilitate Miyakojima City Small-Sized Electromotive Mobility Project
  * UX Design for Medical Equipment and Its Application to Vantage ElanTM 1.5-Tesla MRI System
  * Proposal of New POS Systems for General Merchandising Stores Utilizing UX Design Approach
  * dynabook KIRA L93 Shape-Shifting Notebook PC with Seven Modes to Accommodate Multiple Usage Scenarios
  * Grip for Vacuum Cleaners Designed Based on UX Concept to Reduce Physical Burden of Operation

Feature Articles
  * Automatic Tunable Antenna Applicable to Various Wireless Communication Systems
  * Model Synthesis Method Automatically Combining Target System with External Environment in Model Checking
  * Two-Pole 60 Hz Turbine Generator with World's Largest-Class Capacity of 1,230 MVA
  * Control Technologies for Quadruped Walking Robot to Facilitate Carrying Operations in Reactor Buildings
  * "Becquerel Screening" Device to Automatically Measure Activity Level of Contaminated Soil in Flexible Containers
  * OLED Panels Offering New Concept for Luminaires Including Thin-Form-Factor Bracket Lights and Transparent Luminaires

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * High Dynamic Range Display Technologies for REGZA Z9X Series 4K UHDTVs to Enhance Reproduction of Brilliance


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