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2015 VOL.70 NO.7



Special Reports
Total Medical Solution Provider Contributing to Progress of Healthcare and Society

  * At Starting Line of Next Hundred Years
  * Healthcare Solutions to Support Social Development and Aging Society
  * Cutting-edge Technologies for X-ray Systems Ensuring Safety, Security, and Comfort of Diagnosis and Treatment
  * Aquilion ONE / ViSION Edition CT Scanner Realizing 3D Dynamic Observation with Low-Dose Scanning
  * Imaging Technologies for Nuclear Medicine Offering Superior Functional Diagnosis
  * Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems Contributing to Advancements in Noninvasive Examinations with Reduced Burden on Patients
  * Vantage Elan 1.5-Tesla MRI System Taking People and Environment into Consideration
  * Approaches to Collaborative Research on Clinical Applications
  * X-ray Devices Contributing to Sophistication of X-ray Diagnostic Systems
  * Secure Healthcare IT Solutions Covering Wide Range of Medical Care Information
  * Healthcare IT Solutions Supporting Continuum of Care
  * TBA-FX8 Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with Flexibility to Respond to Demands of Large-Scale Clinical Laboratories

Feature Articles
  * Logical Inventory Method for Optimization of Inventory Management
  * Technologies of Applications for Tablets Promoting Expansion of Business Use

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Technology to Detect and Recognize Text in Scene Images Captured by Camera

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