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Vol. 74, No. 4, July 2019



Special Reports
Robot Technologies and Automation Solutions in Digital Era
  * Robot Technologies Forming Cyber-Physical Systems with Matryoshka-Like Nested Structure
  * Efforts Aimed at Sophistication and Practical Realization of Robot Technologies Needed for Cyber-Physical Systems
  * Image Recognition Techniques Enabling Precise Understanding for Robots
  * Robot Control Techniques Providing Quick, Careful, and Secure Object Gripping Capability
  * Software Platforms Supporting Efficient Development of Various Types of Robot Systems
  * Picking Robots and Palletizing Robots Contributing to Labor Saving and Efficient Operation of Physical Distribution Centers
  * Spot Welding Inspection Robot Achieving Labor Saving and Improvement of Reliability Using 3D Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
  * Autonomous Mobile Robot System Allowing Swift Development
  * Automated Guided Vehicles Equipped with Robot Arm Realizing Labor Saving through Collaboration between Workers and Robots
  * CPS Edge Tool Capable of Connecting Existing Equipment to IoT Networks

Feature Articles
  * DNN Compaction Method Eliminating Zero Weight Coefficients
  * DC Power Supply Equipment for Substations Using SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  * Application of Metal Additive Manufacturing Method to Steam and Gas Turbine Materials
  * Flowing-Water Sterilization Equipment Using Environmentally Friendly Deep-UV LEDs

Frontiers of Research & Development

Method for Quantitative Visualization of Refractive Index Uniformity in Transparent Material Based on Background-Oriented Schlieren Technique


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