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2014 VOL.69 NO.2



Special Reports
Toshiba First-of-Their-Kind Products Incorporating Spirit of Technology Innovation — Inauguration of Toshiba Science Museum

  * Toshiba Science Museum Passing Leading-Edge Technologies on to Next Generation
  * Sources of Toshiba's Technologies and Their Evolution
  * From Development of Japan's First Incandescent and Fluorescent Lamps to LED Lighting as Leading Lighting Technology
  * Evolution and Future Prospects of MRI Systems Three Decades since Their Commercialization
  * Evolution and Ongoing Development of Image and Audio Technologies for TVs
  * NAND Flash Memory Technologies Realizing Storages with Larger Capacity and Lower Cost
  * Toshiba's 120-Year History of Manufacturing Hydroelectric Power Generation Facilities and Future Approaches
  * Evolution of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Technologies Supporting Electric Power Distribution
  * Inverter Control Technology Playing Leading Role in Era of High-Speed Gearless Elevators
  * DD Inverter Technologies Bringing Innovation to Automatic Washing Machines with Quiet Operation and Evolution of Toshiba Washing Machine Products

Feature Articles
  * Application of Plasma Diagnostic Technologies to HBr Plasma for Si Dry Etching of Semiconductor Devices
  * Newly Developed 550 kV Gas Circuit Breaker Offering Both High Performance and Cost Reduction
  * Battery Performance Prediction Technology for Electric Vehicles
  * Automatic Abbreviated DNA Detection Technology for Food-Borne Pathogen Testing Using Electrochemical DNA Chips
  * ThO2-Free Cathode Material for Realization of Environmentally Conscious High-Intensity Discharge Lamps

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Technology to Flexibly Change Design of Parts in Web-Based GUI Libraries


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