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2015 VOL.70 NO.4



Special Reports
Evolving Postal and Logistic Automation Systems

  * Postal and Logistic Automation Equipment and Pattern Recognition Technologies
  * Trends in Technologies for Postal and Logistic Automation Systems and Toshiba's Approach
  * Next-Generation Letter Sorting System for Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  * Integrated Letter Sorting System for Singapore Post Limited
  * Sophisticated Cold Roll Box for Logistics Utilizing ICTs
  * Improvement of Address Recognition Technologies for Letter and Parcel Sorting Systems
  * Technologies for Automatic Depalletizing Robots for Logistics Sites

Feature Articles
  * Speaker Clustering Technology to Assist in Performing Efficient Reviews of Speakers' Utterances Recorded at Meetings
  * Small-Sized One-Time Programmable Memory Using Band-to-Band Tunneling in CMOS Transistors
  * Vibration-Suppression Control Technology for Robot Arms Utilizing Dynamics Modeling
  * Design Technology for Optical Products Using Simulation Based on Response Surface Method
  * LF471 Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Extremely Small-Diameter Measuring Pipe for Marine SCR Systems
  * Flexible OCR Postprocessing by Matching Deterministic Finite Automaton and Character Candidate Lattice

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Technology for Faster Prediction of Long-Term Deformation of Resin
  * Picture Quality Improvement Technologies for 4K Broadcasts

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