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Vol. 73, No. 1, January 2018




Special Reports
Manufacturing Engineering to Enhance Competitiveness of Product Development
  * Toward Advancement of Manufacturing Technologies and Process Innovations
  * Activities to Enhance Sophistication of Fundamental Manufacturing Technologies
  * Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to Achieve Innovations in Products
  * Rationalization of Automated Equipment and Manufacturing Facilities Appropriate to Characteristics of Manufacturing Processes
  * Sensing Technologies Required for Production Sites with Advancement of IoT
  * Sophistication of Management at Manufacturing Bases Using ICT
  * Instrumental Analysis and Reliability Evaluation Technologies Supporting Sophistication of Manufacturing Engineering
  * Design and Simulation Technologies to Improve Efficiency of Product Development and Manufacturing

Feature Articles
  * Trends in and Approaches to Institutionalization and Standardization of Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission
  * Imaging Technology Accomplishing Simultaneous Acquisition of Color Image and High-Precision Depth Map from Single Image Taken by Monocular Camera
  * Spintronic MEMS Microphone Using Ultrasensitive Spintronic Strain Gauge Sensor Element
  * Analysis Method for Easy and Rapid Detection of Red Phosphorus Used as Flame Retardant in Resin Parts
  * Approaches to Application of Common Information Model (CIM) Standards to Power Supervisory Control Systems
  * Security Solution for IoT Systems to Realize Secure Network Applying Smart Card Technologies
  * 24 V/48 V SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Modules Capable of Replacing Lead-Acid Batteries for Industrial Use
  * Short-Term Development of Software Platform for Robots in Logistics Field Applying Open Source Software
  * Method to Evaluate Flicker Phenomenon Associated with Lighting in Moving Images Recorded by High-Speed Cameras

Frontiers of Research & Development


Nearest Correlation Louvain Method (NCLM) for Soft Sensor Modeling Capable of Accurately Estimating Product Quality from Big Data


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