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2015 VOL.70 NO.6



Special Reports
Smart Technologies for Home Appliances toward Attainment of Comfortable Lifestyles

  * Current and Future Trends in Evolving Consumer Electronic Products
  * Toshiba's Approach to Smart Appliances Offering Exceptional User Experiences
  * Spoken Dialogue Technology Allowing Viewers to Efficiently Search for Desired Contents in Recorded TV Programs
  * Unified Processing of TV Programs Recorded on Multiple Devices by "time-shift link" Function
  * Creation of New Services Provided by Smart Appliances in Cooperation with TVs and Tablets
  * Smart Robot Cleaner Realizing Expansion of "Home Appliance Concierge" Service
  * Remote Access Control System for Smart Appliances

Feature Articles
  * Technology to Evaluate Color Rendering Properties of LED Lighting Based on Color Preferences
  * Technology to Accurately Estimate Skin Pigmentation from Skin Images without Dependence on Illumination
  * Application of Voice Tweet SNS to Manufacturing Sites
  * Electrical Equipment for New Gauge Changeable Train Test Models
  * Molecular Bonding Technology Creating Innovative Manufacturing Processes and High-Value-Added Products
  * Charge and Discharge Control Technologies for 2-in-1 Notebook PCs Equipped with Second Battery Pack in Keyboard Dock
  * LED Lighting Fixtures for Theater and Studio Lighting Systems with High Light Intensity and Low Power Consumption

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Technology to Track Multiple Persons with Capability to Handle Temporary Occlusions

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