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2014 VOL.69 NO.6



Special Reports
Image Processing Technologies for Ultra-High Definition Television (UHDTV)

  * Future Visual World Actualized by UHDTV Technologies
  * Trends in UHDTV Technologies and Toshiba's Approach
  * Latest High Picture Quality Technologies for UHDTV
  * UHDTV Interface Technologies
  * Approaches toward Realization of UHDTV Broadcasting
  * H.265/HEVC Video Coding Standard Contributing to Realization of UHDTV Broadcasting
  * LSI Design Technologies for UHDTV Video Processing
  * Application of UHDTV Technology to Glasses-Free 3D Display Systems Requiring High Resolution

Feature Articles
  * Small Compound-Eye Camera Module Providing Depth Map and 2 Mpixel 2D Color Image in One Shot
  * Organic Photovoltaics Offering Various Power Supply Applications
  * Test Case Selection Method Using Mathematical Programming Model
  * Automatic Testing Technologies for I&C Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
  * Inter-Station Logic Controller for Keiyo Line of East Japan Railway Company
  * Technology to Control Volume Balance between Voices and Background Sounds for TV Products Based on Sound Source Separation Technology
  * 4K UHD Monitor Achieving 99% Coverage of Adobe® RGB Color Space

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * SeeQVault Next-Generation Content Protection Technology Allowing High-Definition Contents to Be Carried Safely and Easily


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