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2016 VOL.71 NO.4



Special Reports 1
Energy-Saving Railway System Technologies Enhancing People's Lives and Supporting Business Development

  * Technologies toward Realization of Eco- and Human-Friendly Railway Transportation Systems
  * Business Development of Railway Transportation Systems Meeting Diversification of Market Needs
  * High Energy-Saving Propulsion Systems for Rolling Stock
  * Power Electronics Technologies Underpinning Next-Generation Rolling Stock Systems
  * Battery Energy Storage Systems for Rolling Stock Using SCiBTM Lithium-Ion Battery
  * Integrated Train Information System to Efficiently Enhance Sophistication of Rolling Stock
  * ATO System for Improvement of Riding Comfort and Stopping Position Accuracy and EE Train Operation Control System for Highly Efficient Train Operations
  * EL120 DC Electric Locomotive for Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.
  * Verification of Effects Obtained by Introduction of Traction Energy Storage System on Okinawa Urban Monorail Line
  * Electric Bus System for Practical Realization of Environmentally Conscious Urban Transportation Solutions
  * Preventive Maintenance Ensuring Reliability of Electrical Equipment for Rolling Stock

Special Reports 2
Technologies Creating Water Circulation Systems for Future Generations
  * Promotion of Study on Water Circulation Systems by Development of Watershed Environmental Information Platform
  * Toshiba's Approaches to Water Circulation Systems and Solutions for Water and Environment
  * TOSWACSTM-V Monitoring and Control System Enhancing Water Supply and Sewerage Business Foundations
  * Stormwater Drainage Systems and Solutions Contributing to Reduction of Flood Risk
  * Solutions for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Supporting Realization of Healthy Water Cycle
  * Water Treatment Solutions with High Performance and High Efficiency for Reduction of Water Quality Risks and Water Environment Conservation
  * Public-Private Partnerships in Water Supply and Sewerage Field Aimed at Enhancement of Business Efficiency and Technology Succession
  * Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System to Maximize Wastewater Reuse and Eliminate Liquid Waste

Feature Articles
  * Text-to-Speech Technology to Control Speaker Individuality with Intuitive Expressions
  * Soldering Technology for BGA Packages on PCBs for High-Quality Thin and Lightweight Mobile Notebook PCs

Frontiers of Research & Development
  * Personalized Recommendation Method Capable of Finding Favorite TV Programs and Casts

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