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Vol. 71, No. 6, December 2016



Special Reports
Semiconductor Packaging and Assembly Technologies Supporting Evolution of Various Devices
  * Continuously Evolving Toshiba Semiconductor Packaging and Assembly Technologies
  * Toshiba's Progress in Developing Semiconductor Packages and Approaches to Packaging Technologies
  * EMC Design Evaluation and Simulation Technologies to Support Noise-Tolerant Semiconductor Product Design
  * Toshiba's DFM-Based Approach to Printed Circuit Boards for Storage Products
  * Technology to Form EMI-Shielding Film on Semiconductor Packages Using Sputter Deposition Process
  * World's First 16-Die Stacked NAND Flash Memory Package Fabricated Using TSV Technology
  * TB9150FNG Opto-Isolated IGBT Gate Pre-Driver IC for In-Vehicle Inverters Offering Greater Compactness and Higher Insulation Performance
  * Small and Lightweight Packaging Technology for Four-Channel Power Amplifier ICs Applied to Car Audio Systems
  * Technologies to Reduce Manufacturing Cost of Super-Small Package for Semiconductor Devices
  * "Environment Sensing Logger" Equipped with ApP Lite Processor Providing IoT Solution

Feature Articles
  * Flowganizer™ Dataflow Management Technology to Maintain High Service Quality in Complicated Networked Systems
  * Wearable Support System to Assist in Maintenance Inspection Work
  * SiC Power Module Achieving High-Speed Switching Operation through Significant Reduction of Parasitic Inductance
  * Position-Sensorless Control Technology for PMSMs in Low-Speed Region Using PWM Waveforms Generated by Symmetrical Carriers
  * Component Manufacturing Technologies Enhanced by Supplier Control Taking QCDS into Consideration
  * Development of Tools to Autonomously Improve Issues at Manufacturing Sites
  * Completion of Dredging and Reclamation Work for Jimah East Coal-Fired Power Plant, Malaysia
  * Power Supply and Demand Management System for Power Producers and Suppliers
  * Integrated Letter Sorting System for PE Post of Serbia
  * TOSNIC™-S1400 Uninterruptible Power System Using SiC Power Devices
  * Technology to Evaluate Ball Disappearance Phenomenon at Baseball Stadiums with LED Lighting

Frontiers of Research & Development


High-Speed and High-Resolution 3D Metal Printer

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