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Substantial Solutions
that solve social issues

Executive Officer : Corporate Executive Vice President : General Executive, Technology Div. : Dr. Naoto Nishida

In an environment where national and regional issues spread across the globe with the progress of globalization, we need to pursue how to realize the sustainable future.

Toshiba Group basic policy on technology development is that “Substantial Solutions that solve social issues”, maximizing the strength of our products and a solid customer base fostered all up until now.

We develop“substantial products”with various functions, high quality, and strong cost competitiveness, enhancing innovative technology, which is polished by expertise in the process of developing our products with our customers, and design and manufacturing technology. We create high-value added solutions with the combination of domain knowledge ,which is got under the communication with our customers, AI technology ,which is cultivated for long years, and big data , which is generated by Toshiba product families in Social Infrastructure, Energy, Electronic Devices, and Digital Solutions. And we transform big data of Toshiba product families into customer value. Through the development, we set out to solve social and our customers’ issues.

Inspired by the Toshiba Group slogan, ”Committed to People, Committed to the Future. Toshiba,” we will continue to promote customer-driven policy and CSR-based management toward fulfilling our social responsibilities and seek to contribute to the realization of a sustainable future.

Executive Officer : Corporate Executive Vice President : General Executive, Technology Div. : Dr. Naoto Nishida


Toshiba R&D organizations are composed of Toshiba corporate’s R&D organizations at headquarters and independent corporations’ R&D organizations and technology and engineering divisions. We pursue research and development efficiently together with technological divisions. Toshiba corporate’s R&D organizations have a mid-to-long term outlook to enhance fundamental technology, research new business areas, and work on innovative and future-looking research and development.
Toshiba Independent corporations’ R&D organizations and technology and engineering divisions support fundamental technologies of our business domains, and develop new products and differentiated technology in line with our business plans. We work on commercialization of products and mass production that satisfy our customers' needs. Toshiba Group brings new products to the market in close collaboration with these divisions.

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