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What is "geothermal power generation"?

Geothermal power generation harnesses the thermal energy from magma in the earth to create the steam that drives turbines and generates electricity. One advantage of thermal energy taken from magma is that it isn't subject to changes in the season or weather, so it can provide a stable, continuous supply of electricity. In addition, because it doesn't use fossil fuels, its CO2 emissions are extremely low, making it a very environment-friendly method of producing electricity. Toshiba has a long track record, spanning nearly half a century, of providing the best system for various geothermal sources; our geothermal power plant is very reliable, as evidenced by our operating record of some 10 years without an overhaul.

Power Generation Systems

As indicated below, there are several different types of geothermal power generating systems operating around the world.

Single Flash System: This is the most common type of plant in operation today. Fluid at temperatures greater than 182°C is pumped under high pressure into a tank at the surface held at a much lower pressure, causing of the fluid to rapidly vaporize, or flash. The vapor then drives a turbine.

Double Flash System: This system output can increase 25-35% greater than the single flash system. Because further decompressing the hot water after separating steam once flasher.

Binary Cycle System: The moderately hot geothermal water is passed by a secondary fluid with a much lower boiling point than water. This causes the secondary fluid to flash vaporize, which then drives the turbines.

Single flash System

Double flash System

Binary System

Output Range

Toshiba provides a variety of geothermal power generating facilities around the world with capacities in the 1 - 200 megawatt range.


Compact, geothermal generator:The technology for modularizing our steam turbine power generating system enables quick transport and installation times.

Geoportable can be mounted on a trailer and used as an on-site mobile unit

Life-extending Technology:Toshiba geothermal power generating facilities can maintain their high level of reliability over the long-term in the face of impurities and the eroding and corrosive forces of geothermal steam. Within a geothermal power system, the steam turbine equipment in particular operates under the most severe conditions, but our unique life-extending technology produces a highly reliable system.

Super-rotors featuring a corrosion-resistant coating and droplet removal technology

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