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What is "wind power generation"?


Toshiba’s approach for the environment


Wind power generation means getting the electrical energy by converting wind energy into rotating energy of the blades and converting that rotating energy into electrical energy by the generator. Wind energy increases with the cube of the wind speed, therefore WTGs should be installed in the higher wind speed area.


Characteristics of wind power generation

Wind power business has become a big market because of its affinity for the natural environment.Characteristics of wind power generation are as follows;

  • No CO2 emission
  • No need to worry about depletion like fossil fuel
  • Wind is a safe energy source existing everywhere
  • Simple equipments and easy operation
  • Few affection to nature environment

In the world today, progress of technologies to develop larger WTGs are remarkable, and it makes electric output per one WTG unit increased and large field of WTGs called "wind farm" has developed. Technologies of building offshore WTGs are progressing as well.

Specialty of Toshiba wind power business and technologies

In May 2012, Toshiba involved in the business cooperation with UNISON, and since then we provide UNISON WTGs and develop wind farms by using our world-wide business sales network. We also keep developing electronic devices including controlling systems with our knowledge and technologies cultivated from thermal and hydraulic power plant designing and manufacturing technologies.

Wind Turbine Generator Technologies

Our technologies achieve high efficiency output, high reliability, grid connectivity and maintainability.

Generator: Hermetically-close Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator(PMSG) is applied to all WTGs. PMSG allows slip-ring-less for excitation and easy maintenance. Also, external excitation system is not necessary, generator output increases. Water and internal fan cooling system is suitable for rough areas like desert or coast/offshore. For 2MW WTGs, low speed gear is applied, and it realizes the total weight optimization of a generator and a gear-box.

Generator for 2MW WTG

Generator for 2MW WTG

Blade: Longer blade produces higher annual energy production even with low wind speed. For 2MW WTG type U93, blades with 45m length and 93m diameter, that is 16% longer than other manufacturers, are applied.

Other manufacturer

Nacelle Layout: 



Toshiba Wind Power Business
TOSHIBA provide comprehensive and optimized solution from PJ development, construction to O&M.


We support our customer from assigning candidate site including geological or environmental study, handling laws/regulations matters, to construction planning. Also we provide packaging solutions with storage/secondary battery for stable generator output?Cand optimize installation point by micrositing with CDF for complicated land structure.

Package solution of wind turbine generators and storages/secondary batteries for stable power generation

Design/Manufacturing: We have variety of WTGs with long blades that covers wide range of endurance wind speed, and so we are able to provide WTGs that are suitable for each site. We also keep developing large WTGs for onshore/offshore in order to decrease the unit cost.

Line-up covers a wide range of wind speed

Construction: We provide suitable installation methods for each site.

Installation of 2MW WTG

Installation of 2MW WTG

Maintenance: Toshiba cooperating with Unison and other subcontractors provide variety of maintenance, repair, overhaul, and warranty menu to support safe and stable operation.

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