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Carbon Capture Technology

Post Combustion Capture Technology

CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) is a means to separate, capture, and sequester CO2 emissions from the flue gas of thermal power plants, which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Toshiba employs post combustion capture technology based on chemical absorption process. Using chemical absorbents which selectively capture CO2 in the flue gas at a certain condition in the absorber tower, and release it under a different condition in the stripper tower, CO2 is continuously separated from the flue gas of the thermal power plant.

Post combustion capture technology applies not only to coal fired power plants, but also to all other CO2 emitting plants, such as oil fired, gas fired, gas combined cycle, biomass fired plants. Technology can be applied onto new build plants or retrofitted onto existing plants. The portion of CO2 emission to be captured from the power plant is selectable, giving this technology the flexibility to answer to various needs of the market and regulations.

Pilot Plant

In September 2009, Toshiba constructed a CO2 Capture Pilot Plant at Sigma Power Ariake Mikawa Power Plant, in Fukuoka, Japan. Facility captures 10 tons of CO2 per day from live flue gas of the coal fired power plant, verifying the performance, operability, maintainability of the technology employed. The learning here is applied to planning of various projects utilizing this carbon capture technology.

CCS Pilot Plant
Mikawa PCC Pilot Plant

Carbon Capture Plant Designs

Toshiba is involved in planning, designs, and evaluation of carbon capture plants. In 2011, feasibility study was conducted for a CCS Ready Ultra Super Critical coal fired thermal power plant in Bulgaria. (This Study was supported by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) under its Project Formation Research on High-efficiency Clean Coal Technology)

CCS Ready USC Plant

CCS Ready USC Plant

Carbon Capture Plant

Carbon Capture Plant

Toshiba continues to optimize integration of high performance carbon capture system to power plants, in order to answer to the various needs of customers world-wide.

Saga City Incineration Plant Biomass Energy Utilization Project

In June 2013, Toshiba signed an agreement with Saga, the capital city of Saga Prefecture on Japan’s Kyushu Island, on the installation of a carbon capture and utilization (CCU) test plant under its biomass energy utilization project. From October 2013, the CCU test plant captured up to 20-kilograms of CO2 a day from the flue gas of the city’s waste incineration plant. The results and findings of the test, which lasted nearly two years, was used to verify the technology to capture CO2 and its utilization for crop cultivation and algae culture.
In July 2015, Toshiba applied for Saga’s request for proposal for their “Waste Incineration Plant Carbon Capture Facility Construction Project”, and was selected as its plant constructor. Under this project, Toshiba constructed a commercial carbon capture facility which captures 10-tons of CO2 per day from the flue gas of the waste incineration plant. The construction was completed and the facility commenced its operation in September 2016.

CCU System in Incineration Plant

CCU System in Incineration Plant

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