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Electric energy is a vital commodity for maintaining and improving our present-day societies and living standards. To ensure adequate, reliable supply of electric energy whenever and wherever needed, with its decades of experience in power plant technologies as well as being a leading integrated manufacture of electronics, computers and semiconductors, Toshiba is uniquely qualified to design, manufacturer, install and maintain power generation systems to best meet the particular needs of each customer.

Thermal Power

Toshiba Thermal Power Plant Engineering

Today's increasingly diverse societies require that power plants be highly efficient, economical, easy to operate and of large capacity. It is a challenging task to integrate a number of highly sophisticated technologies used in thermal power plants so that plants operate efficiently, economically and reliably under various operating conditions. In addition, continuous research and development of new technologies for the future power plants is also required. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of power plants, Toshiba is uniquely qualified to meet the power generation needs of today and tomorrow.

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