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Toshiba Group Management Vision

Toshiba: Who we are

Companies are people, individuals working together. At Toshiba, each of us can discover our full potential, while contributing to the company's continued success and long term prosperity.

Toshiba's excellence in technology, products, systems and services, and the quality and reliability for which we are known and respected, all derive from the drive and determination that the people of Toshiba bring to the pursuit of innovation and progress.

As individuals with a broad outlook, we seek out the new and develop original concepts and expertise. We bring ardent passion and dedication to the workplace. We welcome responsibility and commit ourselves to achieve clearly defined goals. We are quick to decide and resolute in action.

Managers provide leadership, inspiration and strategic direction, cultivate our organizational power and unite individual capabilities, to realize sustainable,sound growth and profit.

Our combined efforts inspire our customers. Our powers of innovation deliver comfort, security and affluence. Working together, we make dreams come true, contribute to richer lifestyles and to a better world.

We look to a future in which we achieve continued growth and worldwide renown in current operations and new businesses; a future in which succeeding generations inherit a vital and vibrant Toshiba group.

Meeting Challenges with Innovation

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
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