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ICT Solutions Business Domain

Co-create Growth of Customers' Businesses and Future
by "Things x ICT x People"

Industrial ICT Solutions Company is dedicated to Toshiba’s ICT solutions business, and creates new value with its customers for society by using ICT to connect all people with everything. We contribute to IoT * services with our business concept, “Caring for people, IoT”, and offer total solutions covering every phase of the ICT lifecycle, from consultation to operation and maintenance. Through ‘Co-Creation’, open innovation that extends far beyond the boundaries of companies, industries and regions, we are working to contribute to a society, where people worldwide can live in comfort and safety.

The world of IoT digitizes devices and infrastructure and connected them via the Internet, allowing them to be closely monitored and controlled. Our role is to provide global supports for our customers’ business activities and infrastructure with our high quality, highly reliable and available “Cloud Computing”. We also promote “Edge Computing” that brings aspects of data processing closer to the device instead of in the cloud. “Edge Computing” allows us to support customers in optimizing and utilizing immense volumes of data.

We have been developing “Media Intelligence”** and artificial intelligence technologies for many years, and with them we aim not only to connect things but to connect people’s feelings by supporting and understanding people.

* Internet of Things
** Speech, image and character recognition technologies

Industrial ICT Solutions Company
President and CEO
Hironobu Nishikori
- Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President
Industrial ICT Solutions Company
Executive Vice President
Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji
- Executive Officer, Corporate Vice President

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Corporate Profile
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