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Directors and Executives

As of June 27, 2018


Outside Directors:
  • Teruko Noda
    Member, the Audit Committee
    Member, the Compensation Committee
  • Koichi Ikeda
    Chairman, the Nomination Committee
    Member, the Compensation Committee
  • Yuki Furuta
    Chairman, the Compensation Committee
    Member, the Audit Committee
  • Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
    Chairman of the Board
    Member, the Nomination Committee
    Member, the Compensation Committee
  • Ryoji Sato
    Chairman, the Audit Committee
    Member, the Nomination Committee
  • Junji Ota
    Member, the Nomination Committee
    Member, the Audit Committee
  • Mami Taniguchi
    Member, the Nomination Committee
    Member, the Compensation Committee

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As of April 1, 2019

Executive Officers

Representative Executive Officer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:
  • Nobuaki Kurumatani
Representative Executive Officer
President and Chief Operating Officer:
  • Satoshi Tsunakawa
Representative Executive Officer
Corporate Senior Executive Vice President:
  • Shinichiro Akiba
    General Executive, Group Relations Div., Procurement Div., Marketing Div., Branch Offices, Responsible for Building Solutions business
Representative Executive Officer
Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:
  • Masayoshi Hirata
    General Executive, Finance & Cash Management Div., Accounting Div., Project Monitoring & Oversight Div.,
    General Manager, Finance & Cash Management Div.
Executive Officers
Corporate Executive Vice Presidents:
  • Hironobu Nishikori
    Responsible for Digital Solutions business
    President and CEO, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
  • Masayasu Toyohara
    General Executive, Strategic Planning Div., Human Resources & Administration Div., Corporate Communication Div., Battery Div.
  • Shiro Saito
    General Executive, Corporate Technology Planning Div., Research & Development Div., Digital Innovation Technology Center
  • Naoya Sakurai
    General Executive, Internal Audit Div., General Manager, Audit Committee Office
Executive Officers
Corporate Senior Vice Presidents:
  • Hiroshi Fukuchi
    Responsible for Electronic Devices & Storage business
    President and CEO, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
  • Mamoru Hatazawa
    Responsible for Energy Systems business, General Executive, WEC Div.,
    President and CEO, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
  • Takayuki Konno
    Responsible for Infrastructure Systems business,
    President and CEO, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Executive Officers
Corporate Vice Presidents:
  • Keiichi Yumita
    General Executive, Information Systems Div., Business Process Re-engineering Div.
  • Tsutomu Kamijo
    General Executive, Corporate Production Planning Div.,
    General Manager, Corporate Production Planning Div.
  • Ayumi Wada
    General Executive, Internal Control Promotion Div., Legal Affairs Div., General Manager, Legal Affairs Div.
  • Taro Shimada
    General Executive, Cyber-Physical System Promotion Div.,
    General Manager, Cyber-Physical System Promotion Div.

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