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Directors and Executives

Outside Director

photo of Nobuyuki KOBAYASHI

Name and Date of Birth

March 22, 1950


Member, Audit Committee

Career Highlights

May 1977:
Registered as a certified public accountant
January 1983:
Joined Chuo Audit Corporation
June 1988:
Representative Member, Chuo Audit Corporation
October 2000 - June 2006:
Manager, Investigation Department, Business Management Division, Chuo Audit Corporation
September 2006:
Joined Crowe Toyo & Co.
June 2007 - present:
Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member, Striders Corporation
January 2008:
Representative Member, Crowe Toyo & Co.
August 2014:
President, Crowe Toyo & Co.
October 2017 - August 2018:
Advisor, Crowe Toyo & Co.
March 2018 - present:
Representative Director & President, Eishin Partners Co., Ltd.
June 2019 - present:
Outside Director

Number of Company's shares owned by the candidate (hundred shares)

0 (as of the end of March, 2019)

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
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