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Directors and Executives

Outside Director

photo of Ayako Hirota WEISSMAN

Name and Date of Birth

Ayako Hirota WEISSMAN
May 9, 1957

Career Highlights

January 1984:
Vice President, Equitable Capital Management
January 1987:
Managing Director, Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co. Inc. (now Citigroup)
October 1999:
Partner, Feirstein Capital Management LLC
January 2002:
Portfolio Manager, Kingdon Capital Management LLC
June 2006:
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AS Hirota Capital Management LLC
November 2010 - present:
Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager and Director in charge of Asia Strategy, Horizon Asset Management, Inc. (now Horizon Kinetics LLC)
June 2015:
Outside Director, SBI Holdings, Inc.
June 2019 - present:
Outside Director

Number of Company's shares owned by the candidate (hundred shares)

20 (as of the end of March, 2019)

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
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