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Nov. 16 (IR)
Notice on Toshiba's Issuance of New Shares as Stock CompensationA separate window will open. [PDF 180KB/9 pages]
Nov. 11 (IR)
The Toshiba Next Plan Progress Report "Moving on to Growth - Towards Phase 2 & 3 of Growth -" (Presentation)
Nov. 11 (IR)
Announcement of FY2020 Q2 Results (Earnings Release, Presentation)
Nov. 11 (IR)
Notice on Plan for Dividend (Year-end Dividend)A separate window will open. [PDF 228KB/2 pages]
Nov. 10 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Group Announces Environmental Future Vision 2050
Nov. 4 (RELEASE)
Toshiba and Next Kraftwerke Sign Agreement to Establish Joint Venture (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)






Jun. 22 (IR)
Notice Regarding Convocation of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 181st Fiscal Year and the Opinion of the Company’s Board of Directors on the Shareholder ProposalsA separate window will open. [PDF 236KB/32 pages] (Briefing session)
Jun. 22 (IR)
Amendment of the Articles of IncorporationA separate window will open. [PDF 26KB/2 pages] (Briefing session)
Jun. 22 (IR)
Notice Regarding Shareholder Return PolicyA separate window will open. [PDF 44KB/2 pages] (Briefing session)
Jun. 20 (IR)
Notice on Media CoverageA separate window will open. [PDF 171KB/1 page]
Jun. 19 (IR)
Notice on Media CoverageA separate window will open. [PDF 171KB/1 page]
Jun. 5 (IR)
The Toshiba Next Plan Progress Report "Resilience for Growth - Towards an Infrastructure Services Company -" (Presentation)
Jun. 5 (IR)
Business Results for FY2019 (Earnings Release, Presentation)






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