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Sep, 1996 Press Releases
Sep 30 New Toshiba Plant Starts Operation in Philippines Manufacturing Base for Advanced Information Equipment
Sep 26 Toshiba Announces DVD-Video Player, DVD-ROM and Decoder Board
Toshiba Introduces its First DVD-Video Player in Japan
Toshiba Announces DVD-ROM Bringing Significance of Next-Generation High Density Optical Disc to PCs
Toshiba Introduces DVD Decoder Board for Use in PCs
Sep 19 Toshiba Introduces LSI Chip-Set for DVD Video Player
Sep 11 Toshiba Develops Blue-Purple Semiconductor Laser Technology
Toshiba Starts Marketing Desktop PC in the U.S. Market
Sep 10 Toshiba Uses the Internet to Strengthen Worldwide Procurement of Components and Materials
Toshiba Corporation Established A China Joint Venture to Manufacture And Market Color Television Sets
Sep 4 Leading Electronics Firms Unite to Accelerate 'System-on-a-Chip' Industry
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