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Apr, 1997 Press Releases
Apr 28 Toshiba to Support the NetMeeting 2.0 Personal Conference Solution
Apr 25 DVD Consortium to be transformed into DVD Forum
Apr 22 Toshiba Licenses MIPS16(TM) ASE Architecture; Announces Roadmap For Full Line Of MIPS RISC Microprocessors From 32-Bit Through 64-Bit
Apr 14 DVD Forum Announces DVD-RAM and DVD-R Formats
Apr 11 DVD Forum Announces DVD Interim Format/Logo licensing
Apr 10 Hitachi and Toshiba to be Partners in Delivering Next-Generation High-Speed Networking Products
Apr 2 Sun And Toshiba Corporation To Jointly Define And Develop Low-Power Sun Java Chip Aimed At Enabling Wide Range Of Power-Sensitive Applications
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