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64-megabit DRAM Plant To Start Operation In U.S.

16 September, 1997

Tokyo -- Dominion Semiconductor, L.L.C., a joint venture of Toshiba Corporation and IBM Corporation based in Manassas, Virginia, held a ceremony to mark completion of its wafer fabrication plant for 64-megabit DRAMs on September 15 (local time).

Among those taking part in the ceremony at Dominion Semiconductor were George Allen, governor of Virginia, Marvin Gillum, mayor of Manassas, Masanobu Ohyama, senior executive vice president and director of Toshiba and Michael J. Attardo, General Manager of IBM Microelectronics.

Construction of the new plant began in December 1995. It has three floors, one of which is below ground level, and is 16.5m high (22m if the basement floor is included). The floor area is 64,000m2. The plant is equipped with a class 1* clean room. When the plant reaches full operation, its capacity will exceed 27,000 wafer per month.

The plant will initially produce 64-megabit DRAMs using 0.35 micron lithography. From the second half of fiscal 1998 onward it will shift to higher-level micro-lithography and produce 0.25 micron products.

For production of 64-megabit DRAMs, Dominion Semiconductor will utilize the mass-production technology developed in-house by Toshiba, primarily at its Yokkaichi Works, and by IBM, as well as the achievements gained through the cutting-edge DRAM development program jointly executed by Toshiba, IBM and Siemens.

Toshiba and IBM established Dominion Semiconductor in February 1996. Each partner owns 50% of the capital stock. The number of employees, currently about 470, is expected to reach 1,200 in 1999.

Outline of Dominion Semiconductor, L.L.C.
President Alexander Graham
Location Manassas, Virginia, U.S.
Capital stock $400 million
Established February 1996
Number of employees Approx. 470 (700 at end of 1997)
Site area Approx. 500,000m2

* Class 1: No more than one 0.03m particle per cubic foot.

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