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Toshiba Launches 14.1-class XGA Low Temperature Polysilicon Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays for Notebook PCs

2 October, 2001

The world's largest low temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs in the current commercial products

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its leadership in low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor (LTPS TFT) liquid crystal displays with the announcement of a series of new 14.1-class XGA displays, the largest LTPS TFT commercialized for portable PCs.

The crystallized silicon of LTPS TFT LCDs supports much faster electron flows in transistors than the uncrystallized silicon of amorphous silicon TFT LCDs, a performance enhancement supporting higher resolution and richer colors. LTPS TFT LCDs also enjoy greater design flexibility than other LCD technologies, as most LCD drivers can be integrated directly on the display panel itself, not around it, the typical design of other displays. This minimizes the space required at the periphery of the panel, cuts the number of components in the LCD module by 40%, and reduces the number of connections between driver IC's and electrodes on the panel by 95%. These advantages position LTPS TFT to compete effectively against amorphous TFT LCDs.

The design philosophy of Toshiba's new 14.1-class XGA LTPS TFTs respects compatibility with amorphous TFT LCDs in the electrical interface and mechanical dimension, a move that minimizes demands on portable PC manufacturers that switch to the new display.

Toshiba's strategy in LTPS TFT displays centers on increasing production capacity while extending the range of panel sizes to include larger sizes. A new line at its Fukaya Operations facility had given Toshiba the capacity to reinforce production of 14.1-class LTPS TFT LCD, the most popular panel size for portable PCs. Capacity will be further boosted in 2002, when AFPD Pte., Ltd, a joint venture with Matsushita, comes on line in Singapore.

Samples of the new displays are now available and mass production of the 14.1-class XGA LTPS TFT series will start at 100,000 units at the end of October 2001. The displays are on exhibit at CEATEC Japan from October 2 - 6, 2001.

Major Specifications

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