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Toshiba's New LSI Expands the Potential of Consumer Products with a Hard Disk Drive

15 July, 2002


Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it would bring a new level of versatility to digital consumer products and network equipment incorporating hard disk drives with an innovative LSI that integrates multiple controllers. Used in connection with one of Toshiba's advanced RISC microprocessors with built-in PCI controller, the new device will support ease of design for such products as digital video recorders and digital set-top boxes incorporating HDD.

As digitization makes itself felt in the home and office, more and more devices are incorporating HDD as means to store data. The trend can be seen in digital video recorders incorporating DVD-R and HDD and will soon extend to other products that will be used in home and office networks. Toshiba's new LSI, TC86C001FG, will maximize the ability of such applications to exchange data by integrating support for six key controllers: PCI, ATA, ATAPI, USB host, USB device and I2C.

Integration of a PCI controller allows the new LSI to connect directly to Toshiba's TMPR3927, TMPR4927 and TMPR4925 microprocessors, all of which integrate a PCI controller. For example, combining the new LSI with TMPR4925 and an MPEG-2 CODEC LSI will allow customers to easily develop a video recorder with built-in HDD. Toshiba will also support such development activities by offering a PCI-based evaluation board for the new LSI.

Samples of the new LSI will be available in September 2002 at 1,900 yen. Mass production is slated for 1Q of 2003 at 100,000 units a month.

Major Characteristics

  • The PCI controller supports connection to Toshiba's TMP3927, TMP4927and TMP4925 RISC microprocessors.
  • The ATA controller supports integration of HDDs in digital consumer products and network equipment.
  • The USB1.1 host controller and USB1.1 device controller supports development of digital consumer products and network equipment that can connect to computers and other equipment with USB ports.
  • An I2C controller, making it possible to reduce the number of pins used or the number of wires on a printed circuit board when configuring multiple microprocessors with an on-chip I2C bus interface or peripheral integrated circuits with a serial bus.

Outline of New LSI

Outline of New LSI


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