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Toshiba to Launch Its First Tablet PC, DynaBook SS 3500 (Japanese model)

7 November, 2002

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced the world’s first portable PC to combine the flexibility of a tablet PC with the proven performance of keyboard input. The DynaBook SS 3500 convertible notebook PC will be launched on November 8, 2002 and provide users with the ease of pen input while assuring the familiarity, full versatility and expandability of a powerful notebook PC.

The Dynabook SS 3500 integrates a 12.1- inch low temperature polysilicon TFT LCD that can turn through 180° and tilt 90° degrees to lie flat, screen up. The display can also be set to display images and data in either landscape or portrait mode. The result is a go-anywhere, portable PC that can quickly and easily become a light, full-featured Tablet PC. The Dynabook SS 3500 runs on Microsoft(R)Windows(R)XP Tablet PC Edition and supports data input and software operation by touching the display with a tablet pen. Provision of dedicated software, such as Windows(R)Journal, allows data to be input and displayed as natural handwriting, and also to be saved as an object, converted to text and exported to other applications.

The Dynabook SS 3500 is a powerful portable PC by any measure. It incorporates a Mobile Intel(R)Pentium(R)III Processor 1.33GHz-M, 256MB of main memory as standard, a 40GB HDD, and a high-resolution 12.1-inch low temperature polysilicon TFT LCD. Expandability is supported by two USB 2.0 slots, a PC card slot, a CF card slot, and an SD card slot. Network capabilities include an international modem and support for wireless LAN, LAN and BluetoothTM. All this functionality is in a package that weighs in at only approximately 1.85kg weight and that is a mere 29.9mm at its thinnest part.

The increasing power, connectivity and functionality of portable PCs is driving market growth and product innovation. As a powerhouse in portable PC development, Toshiba continues to integrate its own state-of-the art know-how with performance-enhancing advances from other industry leaders. Adoption of Microsoft(R)Windows(R)XP Tablet PC Edition in the DynaBook SS3500 adds to operating efficiency and expands mobility, and its combination with the PC’s cutting-edge functionality, including full network connectivity, achieves a powerful business platform that takes portable computing in a new direction.

Key Functions

  • Microsoft(R)Windows(R)XP Tablet PC Edition includes Microsoft(R)Windows(R)XP Professional and data input by touching the LCD screen with a tablet pen. The screen becomes a virtual memo pad that can read and display natural handwriting.
  • The screen turns through 180° and can be used as a standard notebook PC display or Tablet PC display. In addition the display can be set to display images and data in either landscape or portrait mode. The keyboard keys have a pitch of 19mm, the standard for mobile PCs. The design featured stylish curves.
  • High performance is achieved by Mobile Intel(R)Pentium(R)III Processor 1.33GHz-M; 40GB HDD; 256MB of standard memory, expandable to 1GB; a high-resolution 12.1-low temperature polysilicon TFT LCD; and a lithium-ion battery supporting up to four hours of operation. Two USB 2.0 slots, a PC card slot, a CF card slot, and an SD card slot support expandability.
  • Integration of wireless LAN in conformity with IEEE802.11b achieves high speed wireless networking, while built-in BluetoothTMsupports wireless data communications between DynaBook SS 3500 and peripheral products. Internet connectivity while overseas is supported by a LAN connector (100Base-TX/10Base-T) and a 56Kbps/FAX 14.4bps modem that operates in 58 countries*.
    * Additional software may be required in some regions.
  • Tapping the "Enter/Menu"button on the LCD screen opens the Toshiba Tablet Menu, which includes display selection (portrait or landscape) and power-saving mode commands.
  • *One-year ILW covers free repair in 39 countries.
    * Subject to published limitations.

Outline of the DynaBook SS 3500

Outline of the DynaBook SS 3500

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