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Toshiba Announces Production Plan for 300mm Wafer Fab at Oita Operations

2 February, 2004

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced an agreement with Sony Group under which the companies will jointly produce System LSIs for Sony Group at Toshiba's new 300mm-wafer facility at Oita Operations in Kyushu.

In Autumn 2004, Toshiba will start production in an advanced 300mm-wafer clean room at a new fab in its Oita Operations plant in Kyushu. Once in operation, the state-of-the-art facility, constructed through a 200-billion yen investment program, will build up production capacity to reach 12,500 wafers a month. Output will be earmarked to meet increasing demand for system LSI, one of Toshiba's three key semiconductor businesses.

Next-generation digital consumer electronics supporting broadband applications will process large volumes of data at high speed in real time. This capability relies on high-performance Systems LSIs, particularly System-On-Chip (SoC) devices with extremely high levels of integration. Toshiba is a leader in this area, with industry-leading know-how in the embedded DRAM process technology essential for such high-performance System LSIs. This know-how will be brought to the main system LSI produced at the new fab.

Under a June 1999 agreement, Toshiba and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) established Oita TS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (OTSS), an Oita-Operations-based joint venture that produces LSI for SCEI on 200mm wafers. Toshiba and Sony group have now agreed to extend this partnership to 300mm wafers. The companies will each provide funding of 42-billion yen for the manufacturing equipment used in this production.

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