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Toshiba to Launch ePassport Full-Color Printer

- Fully Automated, Space and Labor-Saving Model -
17 Sep, 2009
Image of ePassport Printer VP-P450

ePassport Printer VP-P450

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced that it has developed a high-tech full-color, automated ePassport (IC passport) printer, VP-P450, that integrates all functions necessary for ePassport personalization. In advance of the printer's launch in the international market next spring, a prototype will be displayed at the following exhibitions:

Exhibition Name Location Date
Fifth Symposium and
Exhibition on ICAO
MRTDs(2), Biometrics and
Security Standards
ICAO(1) Headquarters, Montreal, Canada September 21/22/23, 2009
CARTES & Identification
Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France November 17/18/19, 2009
CARTES in Asia AsianWorld-Expo, Hong Kong March 16/17/18, 2010
 ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
 MRTDs: Machine Readable Travel Documents

Illegal entry and immigration using fake passports is a global phenomenon and an increasing concern in connection with international terrorism. Many countries are seeking to stem illegal entries by issuing ePassports, which store the passport holder's data in biometric file formats and communication protocols defined by the ICAO.

With the cabinet-sized VP-P450 Toshiba introduces an integrated, easily operated ePassport solution: a printer that supports the functions and throughput required in central passport printing offices while achieving a size that makes it suitable for installation in consulates.

The printer outputs in full color and automates a series of processes, including: 1) feeding blank passports into the printer; 2) lamination; 3) encoding of IC-chips with the passport holder's biometric data; and 4) confirmation of encoded IC data, all without any need for additional operating staff. The integration of these processes in a single unit with limited access also adds to security.

By achieving a labor and space-saving design and achieving higher security in printing, Toshiba responds to the growing needs of the international market. The company will promote sale in the global market.

Outline of New ePassport Printer

Product Name Model Name Launch
ePassport Printer VP-P450 Spring, 2010


Key Features

1. Toshiba ePassport printer VP-P450 is equipped with all functions necessary for ePassport personalization yet reduces demands on the operator while increasing efficiency. One notable feature is that the operator does not need to open the passports because the printer is equipped with a feeder and stacker that allows insertion and ejection while the passports are closed. This unique capability significantly reduces the operator's workload and improves efficiency.

2. Space-saving design allowing installation in consulates.

3. An advanced printing engine and consumables (laminate film and ink ribbon), that produce passports higher resolution and durability.

4. With Toshiba's revolutionary printing technology, ePassports enhance security and prevent various forms of counterfeiting.

5. The printer can be customized to meet customer requests for printing such items as personal data and hologram designs.

6. Compliant with the international standard, ICAO Doc 9303.



Passport feeder / Passport stacker Capacity of 50 passports (In the case of 4 mm thickness passports)
Reject stacker Capacity of approx. 5 passports
Printing method Indirect thermal transfer printing
Laminate Thin laminate film with transparent hologram
Encode IC data Conforms to ISO 14443 type-A/B, 424 kbps, ICAO format
Quality assurance MRZ data, IC data
Read passport numbers Barcode reader, (IC reader ;option)
Printing speed 60 seconds/page in continuous printing
Printing head resolution 400 dpi
Print durability 10 years
Colors 256 gradations of yellow, magenta, cyan, black and fluorescent
Interface TCP/IP, Ethernet
Power source 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Environment Operating 15 to 35 ºC , 35 to 80 % RH non-condensing
Storage -5 to 40 ºC , 25 to 90 % RH non-condensing
Dimensions 1000 mm(W) x 520 mm(D) x 1490 mm(H)
Weight Approx. 300 kg



Ink ribbon 400 images / cassette Pigment ink: yellow, magenta, cyan, black and fluorescent
Laminate film 400 images / roll With thin transparent hologram

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Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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