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Toshiba brings industry's brightest LED lightings series at Lightfair 2010

Opens the way to wide solution of LED lightings applications
12 Apr, 2010

Frankfurt, Germany— Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) and Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation today unveiled innovative technologies and a wide range of new products at Light+ Building 2010 in Frankfurt, including the lighting industry's brightest LED products. Toshiba's exhibits underline its commitment to promoting advances in next generation lighting, and to leading the way in establishing LEDs as energy efficient, cost-saving lighting that completely meets consumer needs.

Toshiba Group is advancing the potential and capabilities of LED lighting. In working to replace all current lightings with energy efficient LED lightings, Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corporation is promoting progress in lighting technology, operating efficiency and heat dissipation. At Light+ Building 2010, Toshiba Group will demonstrate unsurpassed LED performance in six technologies for three key areas of lighting applications achieved by the Groups' wide ranging capabilities. Technology prototype exhibits will include new LED bulbs that achieve 2.8 times the brightness of Toshiba's current brightest model while offering a 260 degree angle of light distribution, and LED flood lights that can light up tall buildings and bridges with the same central luminosity[1] as metal halide lamps.

Toshiba will also display the complete range of products that it will launch in Europe, including reflector type LED for indoor and outdoor use, and GX53 socket models, the flat type light source ideal for design conscious applications.

Going forward, Toshiba will reinforce its current advances in LED technologies and applications by further promoting R&D activities.

Overview of Toshiba Group's LED lighting technology

1. Lighting technology

LED lighting has high directivity, making it highly suited to spot lighting. However, this is a drawback when it comes to emulating the diffuse lighting of incandescent bulbs and the linear light distribution like fluorescent lamps. Toshiba is overcoming these drawbacks with high-intensity lighting that utilizes the original characteristic of LEDs. The company is also expanding light diffusion with steric illuminant and line type illuminant, and realizing LED lighting that embodies its commitment to akari—the essence of lighting.

2. Highly efficient technology

Toshiba Group applies COB (chip on board) module LEDs that maximize lighting efficiency, and develops the power circuits essential for LED lighting. Toshiba group will continue to develop a wide range of circuits for applications ranging from light bulbs to flood lights and that improve energy efficiency.

3. Heat dissipation technology

LED lighting is not hot, as it does not emit infrared radiation, but LED chips give off heat that must be dissipated efficiently. Heat dissipation technology is also an important factor in achieving smaller equipment while achieving higher levels of brightness. Toshiba Group is driving forward development of lighting equipment with high output levels with its original heat dissipation technology.

"Our commitment is to constantly redefine the future of the new lighting. As we seek to improve energy saving and low carbon emissions through higher efficiency LEDs, we also seek to create products that can brighten moods and emotions and evoke atmospheres." said Masashi Muromachi, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Toshiba Corporation.

"We believe that LED technology will achieve better light output, higher efficiency, more flexible applications and higher cost performance," added Masami Fukuda, President and CEO of Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation. "We want to see a world where all lights are replaced by LED."

"We will innovate the new sales approach, channel, and strategy" added Seguineau Francois, COO Toshiba New Lighting Systems Division - Europe. "We will provide our customers high quality and reasonable prices, creative products, and support towards energy efficient lighting and low-carbon society."

Technology development: Future LED technologies

Toshiba Group will demonstrate technology prototypes for unsurpassed LED performance in six technologies for three key areas of lighting applications. Technology prototype exhibits will include:

1. LED

(1) LED light bulbs

An industry leading 1690 lumen (lm) performance with a lighting angle of 260 degrees. This counts 2.8 times brighter than Toshiba's 8.7W type LEL-AW8L LED bulb. This LED bulb's performance introduces a cost-effective replacement for power-inefficient 100-watt incandescent bulbs.

Chart of  Beam angle distribution

(2) GX53 LED units

Improving heat dissipation by combining the LED unit and lighting equipment has allowed Toshiba to achieve industry's first total luminous flux of 2000lm, which is five times bright than the flat type 6.4W(LEL-FWGN-GX53F). This has flexibility that can easily switch LED units, and achieving brightness that can light from high ceilings.

2. Residential lightings

(1) LED base light

Base lights mount arrays of LEDs in a line, combining their output to achieve effective brightness with comfortable light. They integrate highly efficient LED and power circuit that achieve a brightness of 120lm/W, surpassing the efficiency of fluorescent lights.

(2) LED bank light

Large light volume downlights are concentrated in bank lights that achieve 22,000lm with a long life of 40,000 hours. Bank lights are used to illuminate high rooms, entrance halls, lobby and stations; locations which requires work in high places for maintenance. LED lighting in these applications not only leads to energy efficiency, but also to reduce maintenance fees.

3. External lighting

(1) LED flood light

By integrating its original lighting technology and heat-dissipation technologies, Toshiba has achieved a central luminosity of 1.73 million candela. This surpasses the brightness of 1500W metal halide lamps but with just one sixth of power consumption. This LED lighting opens the way to lighting up high buildings and bridges, which are usually lit with energy inefficient metal halide lamps.

(2) LED street lights

A road surface brightness of 1cd/m2 matches international recommendations, and a long life of 60,000 hours. It reduces energy consumption by 23% comparing to 180W high voltage natrium lamp. Switching street lights to LED not only saves energy and reduces maintenance costs, but also bring safety by its longer life time.


At Light+Building, Toshiba is showcasing the powerful range of its lighting solutions, made possible by innovations at every level of lighting development. Highlights include:

1. Reflector type LED lamps

Toshiba will display reflector type LED lamps that can replace MR16 halogen lamps. The products are available in three types of sockets: GU5.3, GU10 and E27. These are already widely available in the European market and exemplify LED's long life and energy efficient characteristics.

2. GX53 LED lamps

Flat type products, 48mm thick, featuring LED's point sources. Toshiba plans to launch them in Europe. Sockets applies GX53 and is easily detachable. It offers the flexibility necessary for various lighting applications, including sophisticated designs.

3. General pear-shaped LED lamps

Eight models of pear-shaped LED lamps will be displayed, which can easily be switched. Power consumption is either 3.5W or 5.5W, and the color tone is either white light or warm, with support for E27 and B22 caps. These products are already widely available in France, Germany and UK and offer LED bulbs' long life and high energy efficiency.

4. LED Downlights

Long life LED Downlights with a 40,000-hour life time has high energy efficiency than incandescent or compact fluorescent downlights. The brightest product has 1460 lm light flux, and is compliant to Toshiba's compact fluorescent downlight FHT42W. These products are already available in France and offer LED bulbs' long life and high energy efficiency.

Central luminosity: The brightness of a light source on the direction of optical axis.

Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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