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Toshiba to Unveil Leading Edge Technologies at CES 2011

5 Jan, 2011

LAS VEGAS, January 4, 2011 and TOKYO, January 5, 2011—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) will invite visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2011, to experience how life can be "Fun and Easy by Leading Technology" with the company's latest advances in digital technologies and new products and services.
(Toshiba booth: LVCC Central Hall Booth #11026)

Major Exhibits of New Technologies

1. Display of 3D[1] TVs without any need for dedicated glasses

Toshiba will unveil the future of 3D at CES: prototypes of large-screen LCD TVs – in 65-inch and 56-inch models – that deliver full 3D without the need for dedicated glasses.

The company will also show how it has realized glasses-free 3D now, and display the world's first[2] commercialized LCD TVs that do away with dedicated glasses. Already available in Japan, where they are winning a lot of attention, the "Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1" TVs are specifically designed for personal use and come in two versions, the 20-inch 20GL1 and the 12-inch 12GL1. The TVs employ an integral imaging system[3] and perpendicular lenticular sheet[4] to display smooth, natural images, while a wide viewing angle is secured by Toshiba's proprietary image processing technology that creates nine parallax images[5] from the original content and then converts them to 3D. The overall result is precise rendering of high quality 3D images throughout the viewing zone[1].

2. Bringing network services to TVs and PCs

As the world of computing develops cloud-based storage and services, Toshiba ensures that digital TVs, digital recorders, PCs and smartphones can make full use of this new level of interconnectivity. The CES display will feature forthcoming networked TVs that support diverse services, including Yahoo! Widgets, YouTube Leanback, and demonstrate TV and PC interconnectivity using Skype.

3. PCs

Toshiba will demonstrate concept models of glasses-free 3D notebook PCs and of tablet PCs running the Android™[6] and Windows®[6] operating systems.

4. Environmental Activities

In seeking to become one of the world's foremost eco-companies, Toshiba Group promotes three green initiatives: Greening of Process, Greening of Products and Greening by Technology. The company will introduce environmentally conscious business activities, products and technology in these three categories. The Greening of Process Area introduces the activities of MRM[7], a leading provider of TV recycling management services to manufacturers, jointly operated by Panasonic Corporation of North America, Sharp Electronics Corporation and Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. The Greening of Products Area features environmentally conscious products, including LEDs, PCs, TVs and air-conditioners. The Greening by Technology Area showcases Toshiba's environmental technologies including know-how in smartgrids, photovoltaic power generation and home energy management system (HEMS), all of which will contribute to the achievement and management of low-carbon society.

3D warning: Some individuals may experience health-related complications when exposed to certain kinds of 3D images. Please refrain from viewing 3D content if you feel any ill effects. Anyone who does experience any physical problem should immediately stop viewing 3D content and consult a physician. Perception of 3D effects will differ from person to person and according to content. Due to the possibility of impact on vision development, viewers of 3D video images should be aged 6 or older. Please refer to the 3D viewing precautions in the manual when viewing 3D images.

There is viewing zone that can be seen as 3D; however, outside of this zone, images may not been seen in 3D, in whole or in part.
As of October 4th, 2010 for digital high definition LCD TV in consumer markets. (Source: Toshiba)
A system that faithfully reproduces the design and tracks of beams of light by sampling the light emitted from the
object at several angles. The angle of viewing is characterized by smooth, continuous image displays.
A lenticular sheet is an array of lenses that transmits images in a horizontal plane. The sheet is semi-circular in profile.
In order to create 3D content, the GL1 series adopts a parallax system that can display optimized high quality 3D
images whatever the position and angle to the screen of the viewer.  This is called "parallax image." Nine images from nine directions are called "nine parallax images."
All products, services and company names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.
MRM (Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC). Founded by former Toshiba America Consumer Products, Panasonic Corporation of North America and Sharp Electronics Corporation, MRM is a leading provider of electronics recycling management services to manufacturers.

Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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