News and Topics

August, 2020 News and Topics

31 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Heavy-Ion Therapy System is Awarded by Seoul National University Hospital in Korea (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
27 Aug, 2020
Toshiba’s New Photorelays Contribute to Equipment Downsizing by Reducing Mounting Density (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
27 Aug, 2020
Notice Regarding Sale of Stock of a Company Accounted for Under the Equity Method
27 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Starts the first Data Collection Service using LPISTM (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
19 Aug, 2020
Notice on Toshiba’s Filing of Shelf Registration Statement regarding Issuance of New Shares as Stock Compensation
17 Aug, 2020
Toshiba’s New Photorelays with Low Trigger LED Current Contribute to Low Power Consumption in Battery-Powered Equipment (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
12 Aug, 2020
Business Results for FY2020 Q1
11 Aug, 2020
Toshiba’s Visconti™4 Image Recognition Processor Selected by Leading Chinese Manufacturer for ADAS Solution (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
7 Aug, 2020
World's First Development and Demonstration of a Quantum Cryptographic Communication Technology Applied System for Genomic Medicine
7 Aug, 2020
Toshiba a Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2020 for Ninth Consecutive Year
6 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Collaborates with MikroElektronika to Create Evaluation Boards for Motor Driver ICs (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
5 Aug, 2020
Toshiba's New R&D Complex be an Incubator for Cutting Edge Technologies, and a New Landmark for Kawasaki
4 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Transfers Shares in Dynabook to Sharp
3 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Delivers Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, "H2Rex™," to Michinoeki-Namie (Roadside Station Namie) (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)