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6 Dec, 2018
Toshiba adds new 12TB and 14TB helium-sealed models to both the N300 NAS and X300 Performance Hard Drive Product Line (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation is adding 12TB and 14TB models to both its N300 NAS Hard Drive and X300 Performance Hard Drive series.
5 Dec, 2018
Toshiba has Supplied Substation Operation Training Simulators in Pakistan (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation today announced that it delivered substation operation training simulators to the training center run by National Transmission and Despatch Company Pakistan. Every year, the simulators will provide all the required training for 120 operation engineers and will contribute to ensuring efficient operation.
4 Dec, 2018
Toshiba adds new 4TB CANVIO Portable Hard Drive Model for safe and reliable personal data storage (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)
Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) announces a new addition to its popular family of CANVIO external hard drives (HDDs), a 4TB option in its PREMIUM, ADVANCE, BASICS and READY series.
29 Nov, 2018
    Toshiba Launches Brand-Building Global Advertising Campaign
    Toshiba Corporation is launching a worldwide corporate advertising campaign to promote its rebranding under a new global identity. Inspired by the "Essence of Toshiba," the July 2018 restatement of its purpose and values, and driven by the slogan “For a new day,” the video-based campaign will be rolled out in TV commercials, internet media and Toshiba’s own websites, from December 1.
    28 Nov, 2018
    Johnson Controls and Toshiba join forces to bring leading automakers low-voltage lithium-ion solutions (Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation)
    Johnson Controls Power Solutions and Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation have partnered to deliver low-voltage lithium-ion solutions to meet automaker demands for improved efficiency, lower costs and less complexity. Under the agreement, Johnson Controls will collaborate with Toshiba to develop and manufacture lithium-ion batteries at its Holland, MI, plant and pair them with existing lead-acid battery technology as part of dual-battery systems.
    22 Nov, 2018
    Toshiba Group Held FY2018 Technology Strategy Briefing
    Toshiba Group today held the Toshiba Group FY2018 Technology Strategy Briefing, where it unveiled the strategy and technologies that will drive the Group’s progress in coming years. CPS collect data from the physical world for analysis and processing by digital technology and create value through a constant feedback loop between the cyber and physical worlds.



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