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26 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's Scheduling System optimizes TEPCO FP's operations in Liberalized Market
At a time when maximizing operating efficiency and reducing fuel and operating costs are growing concerns for utilities worldwide, Toshiba Corporation and TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. are readying a joint announcement on the development and application of an optimized and economic power generation scheduling system.
25 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's Latest Advance in Voice Recognition can Distinguish Multiple Individual Speakers, Without Special Training
Toshiba has taken a major step forward in speech recognition with the development of a technology able to precisely distinguish between and capture the utterances of individual speakers in real time, even when multiple voices are speaking at once.
24 Oct, 2016
Westinghouse & KHNP Sign MOU to Promote Bilateral Technological Exchange
Westinghouse Electric Company and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Co. Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding to form a technological exchange committee to promote a discussion and exchange of engineering capabilities between both organizations.
17 Oct, 2016
Toshiba and Dell Technologies' Deep Learning Testbed for IoT is First Approved by Industrial Internet Consortium
A deep learning testbed jointly developed with Dell Technologies has become the first deep learning platform to be approved by Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).
17 Oct, 2016
DENSO and Toshiba Agree to Develop Artificial Intelligence Technology, Deep Neural Network-IP, for Next-generation Image Recognition Systems
DENSO Corporation and Toshiba Corporation have reached a basic agreement to jointly develop an artificial intelligence technology called Deep Neural Network-Intellectual Property (DNN-IP), which will be used in image recognition systems which have been independently developed by the two companies to help achieve advanced driver assistance and automated driving technologies.
13 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's IoT Service Platform to Provide Global Remote Communications Service for Kobe Steel's Standard Compressor
Toshiba's IoT Service Platform has been selected by Kobe Steel Ltd.for their standard compressor 'Emeraud ALE' that it has released today in the global market. Toshiba will create a compressor M2M cloud service that enables visualization of global remote communication by collecting and storing data from compressors around the world.
13 Oct, 2016
BT and Toshiba Launch UK's First Quantum Security Showcase
BT and Toshiba today opened the UK’s first secure quantum communication showcase at BT’s research and development centre in Ipswich. The showcase sees the two companies demonstrate cutting edge quantum cryptography, which can be used to protect digital information transported within banks and financial services organisations from hacking.



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