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30 Sep, 2013
Toshiba to Implement Reforms in Visual Products Business
29 Aug, 2013
Toshiba Announces New TV Strategy with Introduction of TVs Designed to Provide a Truly Exciting Viewing Experience
22 Aug, 2013
Toshiba Manufacturing Facilities Win Major Japan Management Association GOOD FACTORY AWARDs
26 Jul, 2013
Toshiba to Implement Reforms to Improve Profitability in Digital Products Business
5 Jun, 2013
The musée du Louvre and Toshiba achieve a new stage of their partnership with the completion of LED light renovation for the Mona Lisa and the Red Room
7 Mar, 2013
Toshiba to showcase environmental technologies at Singapore's Eco-Products International Fair 2013
31 Jan, 2013
Toshiba Announces Consolidated Results for the First Nine Months and Third Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending March 2013
31 Oct, 2012
Notice of Revised Business Forecasts [PDF 86KB/4pages]
31 Oct, 2012
Toshiba Announces Consolidated Results for the First Six Months and Second Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending March 2013
12 Jul, 2012
Toshiba to Reorganize its Digital Products Facilities in Japan
2 Apr, 2012
Fujitsu Converts Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary
6 Mar, 2012
Toshiba Taps IBM Software to Create More Secure and Energy-Efficient Laptops
20 Dec, 2011
DVD6C Announces Revised Rate Program for DVD Read-Only Discs
3 Oct, 2011
Toshiba Corporation to bring leading-edge technologies to CEATEC
28 Sep, 2011
Toshiba Announces New Business Strategy for the Philippines
5 Sep, 2011
Toshiba Starts Operation of New Philippine Company
21 Jul, 2011
Toshiba announces new business strategy for India
16 Jul, 2011
Concerning Illegal Server Access at a Toshiba Group Company in the U.S.
13 Jul, 2011
Toshiba to Reorganize LCD TV Supply Structure for the North American and Mexican Markets
7 Jul, 2011
Toshiba establishes new HDD technology centers for future generation high density recordings
23 Jun, 2011
Toshiba reinforces storage device business by re-forming development and sales
20 Apr, 2011
Toshiba Unveils the World's First Glasses-free 3D Notebook PCs Able to Simultaneously Display 3D and 2D Content on One Screen
13 Apr, 2011
Toshiba Launches Wipe Technology in Self-Encrypting 2.5-Type Hard Disk Drives
28 Mar, 2011
Toshiba Integrates Visual Products Business and PC Business in New In-house Company Organized on Regional Basis
9 Feb, 2011
Toshiba Joins RealD and the Royal Opera House in Promotional Partnership for Carmen in 3D
14 Jan, 2011
El Araby and Toshiba Enter New Era in Long Standing Partnership
14 Jan, 2011
Toshiba to Expand LCD TV Line-up in Egypt and Africa
5 Jan, 2011
Toshiba to Unveil Leading Edge Technologies at CES 2011
28 Dec, 2010
Toshiba Storage Device Corporation Becomes Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation
16 Dec, 2010
Toshiba and Egypt's El Araby to Establish Manufacturing JV for LCD TVs
15 Dec, 2010
Toshiba to Reinforce Sales and Marketing in China
14 Dec, 2010
Toshiba Introduces Enterprise-Class Solid State Drive Family
6 Dec, 2010
Toshiba launches World's First LED TV with integrated Battery Backup
29 Nov, 2010
Toshiba Supports AFC in Promoting Football
29 Nov, 2010
Toshiba announces Actress Carissa Puteri as its new Indonesian Brand Ambassador
29 Nov, 2010
Toshiba to Unfold TV Business Strategies and New Products To Reinforce its Presence in the ASEAN market
4 Oct, 2010
Toshiba Corporation to bring Leading-edge Technologies to CEATEC JAPAN 2010
4 Oct, 2010
Toshiba Unveils World First[1] 3D LCD TVs without Dedicated Glasses
1 Oct, 2010
Fujitsu and Toshiba Complete Merger of Mobile Phone Businesses
1 Sep, 2010
DVD6C Announces New Licensing Program
10 Aug, 2010
Toshiba Announces Wipe Technology for Self-Encrypting Disk Drives
28 Jul, 2010
Toshiba Unveils CELL REGZA LCD TV Series with Superior 3D Capabilities
15 Jul, 2010
Toshiba to Form Marketing JV in China with TCL
1 Jul, 2010
21 Jun, 2010
Toshiba introduces the world's first dual-touch-screen Windows® mini-notebook PC "libretto W100" and other products in Japanese market
7 Jun, 2010
Toshiba "dynabook TX/98MBL" is the Industry's First[1] PC Supporting the Blu-ray 3D™ [2] Format
15 Apr, 2010
Toshiba's New 200GB 2.5-inch HDD for Automotive Applications Has Industry Largest[1] Storage Capacity
15 Apr, 2010
25 Mar, 2010
Toshiba Introduces Industry's Highest Areal Density 2.5-inch 750GB Hard Disk Drives[1]
8 Mar, 2010
Blu-ray Patent Licensing Program Announced by Four Companies
17 Feb, 2010
Toshiba introduces small form factor enterprise HDD achieving the industry's highest[1] capacity
7 Jan, 2010
TOSHIBA and RealD Collaborate to Bring 3D to the Home
5 Nov, 2009
Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity[1], 320GB 1.8-inch HDD
5 Oct, 2009
Toshiba Unveils the CELL REGZA 55X1 The World's First1 LCD TV Integrating the Cell Broadband Engine™
5 Oct, 2009
Toshiba Corporation to bring leading-edge technologies to CEATEC
1 Oct, 2009
New Operating Structure for Toshiba's HDD Business
29 Sep, 2009
17 Sep, 2009
Toshiba to Launch ePassport Full-Color Printer
17 Sep, 2009
Toshiba Launches High-Performance Half-Terabyte 2.5-inch HDD
11 Sep, 2009
Completion of Overseas Antitrust Review Regarding HDD Business
10 Sep, 2009
Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity[1], Single-Platter 1.8-inch HDD, Enabling Next-Generation Portable Media Players
2 Sep, 2009
10 Aug, 2009
Toshiba Applies to Join Blu-ray Disc Association
20 May, 2009
Toshiba Announces Reshaping of Mobile Phones Production
19 May, 2009
"TransferJet Consortium" Offers New "Adopter" Membership
15 May, 2009
Toshiba Files Suit for Infringement of its Essential DVD Patents in Federal District Court
14 May, 2009
Toshiba Launches "dynabook SS RX2/WAJ", World's First PC Integrating 512GB SSD
30 Apr, 2009
Toshiba and Fujitsu Conclude Definitive Agreement on HDD Business Transfer
17 Feb, 2009
Toshiba and Fujitsu Agree on HDD Business Transfer
8 Jan, 2009
Toshiba to Build on its Collaboration with Intel and Microsoft with New Internet- and PC-Connected AV Products
19 Nov, 2008
Toshiba Introduces Half-Terabyte 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive with Quiet Acoustics and Enhanced Durability
4 Nov, 2008
Toshiba's Japanese Language Word Processor Receives Prestigious IEEE Milestone Award
22 Oct, 2008
Toshiba Expands Industry-Leading Automotive Storage Line With 80GB Serial-ATA Hard Disk Drive